Why struggle to have an IoT solution - when there is an easy way?

Develco Products' white label devices

Imagining the positive impacts of the IoT is not difficult. It is possible to improve the quality of life, make energy usage more efficient, reduce home care costs – and the list goes on. Realizing these ideas, however, is not as easy. But does building an IoT solution have to be a long, hard process?

The answer is no. By using white label products, your business can have an IoT solution without spending years on product development. Since the products are already developed and ready to use, you will avoid the common pitfalls of the do-it-yourself approach. This entails spending money on development tools and certifications, slowing down the time to market of your solution, and making mistakes that have already been mastered by others.

A customized solution without product development

We have spent the past 10 years going through the product development process over and over again. Today, our product portfolio includes gateways, sensors andalarms, smart plugs, and meter interfaces. Due to the diverse functionalities of the products, our assortment is suitable for different areas within the IoT industry, including smart home, smart energy, home care, and building management.

Stable and certified products

With the white label products, your business will not have to struggle with developing, testing, validating, and certifying the products. To ensure that the products will appear as your own, you can add your brand colors, logo, slogans, etc. to the packaging. In this way, you can easily have an IoT solution without compromising the needs and look of your business.

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