The all-in-one solution for connecting wireless devices across models and protocols.


The all-in-one solution for connecting wireless devices across models and protocols.

The heart of wireless solutions gateways are the heart of any IoT solution. The hubs bridge wireless devices across communication protocols and brands. The range of gateways includes the basic 2B and the extended 2X.

The gateways are flexible white label platforms for connecting all devices in a security, home care, and energy management system. The gateways support a wide range of communication protocols, including Zigbee, WLAN, Wireless M-Bus, Z-Wave, Bluetooth, and Bluetooth Low Energy. Furthermore, the 2X is ready for Matter, meaning it can be updated to support Matter with an over-the-air software update.

The gateways host a programmable Linux-platform and can be integrated with a wide variety of cloud solutions.

Large-scale collection of real-time meter data

The Meter Data Concentrator is a battery-powered gateway that can collect meter data from up to 1000 meters, making it ideal for energy management solutions for large building complexes.

Take a look at the Meter Data Concentrator

Flexible, modular platform
Multiple wireless protocols
Secure platform
Programmable Linux platform
Configurable design, hardware & software
Cloud integrations available

The 2B

The 2B is a multiprotocol, thoroughly tested, and market-ready gateway. It offers options for the newest communication protocols, such as Zigbee 3.0, Z-Wave Plus, Bluetooth 5, or LTE, ensuring high flexibility, compatibility, and range for your solution. Its CPU and memory allow you to run your solution with top performance.

To strengthen the security of the gateway, the 2B can include hardware-accelerated encryption. By choosing to implement one of the three hardware security chips, you are able to protect your customers’ data.

Get to know the 2B.

The 2X

The 2X comes with all the functionalities of the 2B - plus several additional features. The large CPU and memory options allow you to run complex solutions implementing, for example, artificial intelligence or run multiple applications at the same time.

This gateway is Matter ready, which means that the gateway can be updated to support Matter with an over-the-air software update.

In addition to the option for hardware security, the 2X can include an accelerometer for tamper protection.

Find out more details about the 2X.

Standard models

We offer multiple off-the-shelf standard models for each gateway that you can use for your solution.

They come with pre-selected protocols and features, but the packaging design, installation manuals, and labels can be customized to fit your brand. The standard models enable an extremely quick launch of your solution.

For high-volume solutions (MOQ 10 000), you are also able to customize the gateways to include only the modules you need and minimize costs.

See the different standard models here.

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Squid Smart App

The Squid Smart App is a middleware application for the gateways. With the Squid Smart App, application development for IoT solutions is greatly simplified.

The Squid Smart App provides a REST API and includes easy-to-read templates with predefined commands for the devices in the kit. This means that you just have to configure settings and actions of the devices included in your IoT solution through the templates instead of programming these.

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Squid Smart App

Get started in a few minutes

With easy installation (Do It Yourself), low maintenance, and broad system compatibility, Develco Products offers units that are designed to be easily integrated and ready to set up for the end-user.


Wireless platform

Building your application on top of Develco Products open wireless platform enables you to focus on your software.

The platform includes a gateway and a number of wireless devices already tested in large networks.

The wireless platform can be integrated with cloud platforms, making it possible to develop applications without having to invest in the underlying infrastructure.

See how easy application development can be

Develco Products' software architecture gateway 2 generation brochure gateways brochure

Download the brochure to get an overview of the gateways. Get to know the platform and explore all the features and customization options you are offered with the gateways.


Get all products in your brand

All gateways offered by Develco Products are white label devices. This means that you can customize them to get all products in your solution in your own brand.

Depending on your order volumes, you have the possibility to adapt the packaging and/or the products themselves to match your company’s and your customers’ needs.

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Product catalogue

The wireless platform from Develco Products is divided into six different product categories.

In the catalogue, you will get an overview of the products ranging from wireless sensors, smart plugs, and relays to multiprotocol gateways, Zigbee modules, and meter interfaces.

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Cloud partners

The AWS cloud service provides a secure and scalable cloud solution that enables solution providers to launch a cloud-based IoT solution quickly. With the certification of the gateways with AWS IoT Core, Develco Products facilitates the easy integration of AWS on the gateways.

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Nabto cloud solutions

Nabto's plugin is implemented on the gateways to enable the establishment of a peer-to-peer connection between our wireless platform and IoT devices. Learn more about the technology and how the combined gateways and Nabto solution works.

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Bosch cloud solutions

Bosch Software Innovations combines Develco Products’ white label IoT products with ProSyst Gateway Software and Remote Manager, enabling solution providers to rapidly develop and deploy new applications, services, and solutions for a smart and connected world.

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