Squid platform software

Discover how easy our flexible software architecture is to work with. Use the numerous configuration options to get a wireless solution tailored to your business and your customers' needs.

Squid platform software

Discover how easy our flexible software architecture is to work with. Use the numerous configuration options to get a wireless solution tailored to your business and your customers' needs.

Numerous configuration options

The software architecture of the Squid.link gateways offers numerous possibilities for configurations, allowing you to get a tailored wireless solution. Take a closer look at the gateway architecture and your possibilities below.

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Internet connectivity (WAN)

For the Wide Area Network (WAN) connection, the gateway allows you to choose between several wireless technologies. These include WiFi and cellular networks. Alternatively, a custom wireless technology can be used for the connection. Another option is to establish the WAN connection via an Ethernet cable.

IP communication (cloud connection)

Depending on your needs, you can choose between using MQTT, Web Services, or custom IP communication protocol to deliver data collected by the Squid.link gateways to the backend of your solution.

You can integrate 3rd party cloud services with the Squid.link gateways making it possible for you to develop applications without having to invest in the underlying infrastructure. Learn about our cloud partners here.


The Squid.link gateways offer three options on how to develop the application for your solution. You can build the application yourself using one of the gateways APIs; the Squid Smart App or the SmartAMM API. We can also help you find a trusted partner that can develop the application for you. Learn more here.

APIs: high-level or low-level

When developing the application for your solution, you can use a high-level or a low-level API. The high-level API Squid Smart App provides a RESTful API for gateway configuration and control. It is also able to receive data from and send commands to devices in a pre-processed and protocol agnostic way.

When more in-depth or specialized analysis is needed, your custom application can access the low-level Smart AMM API that provides direct access to binary messages received from or transmitting to the connected devices. Learn about the APIs here.

Operating system

The Squid.link gateways consists of a Linux platform, including a long-term Linux kernel and a root file system. The root file system contains a number of standard Linux utilities. The Linux platform has been developed to make it as easy as possible for you to include the functionality you want in your solution.

Device connectivity (HAN)

The multiprotocol Squid.link gateways allow you to integrate devices into your solution across wireless technologies. The gateways support Zigbee, BLE, Wireless M-Bus, Z-Wave, WiFi, cellular networks, and the Squid.link 2X is Matter ready. Support for custom wireless technologies is also possible.

Dual Root File System

The Squid.link gateways includes two root file systems. One contains the Linux/system currently active, while the other is available for download of a complete new Linux/system.

This allows for safe Root File System updates with support for rollback to the last active Root File System if the new Root File System fails to start correctly. This provides a safe solution preventing gateways being lost due to failed updates.

Configuration options of Develco Products wireless platform

Open wireless IoT platform

Our wireless IoT platform is renowned for being fully open, meaning that any app for any business area can be built on top of it. With our platform, your IoT-based solution can get started fast and easy.

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Cloud integrations

The Squid.link gateways allow integration of 3rd party cloud services. With such services, it is possible to develop applications without having to invest in the underlying infrastructure. Integration with cloud services ensures the fastest time to market of your solution and offers you the potential of efficiently scaling the solution from ten to millions of devices. Learn about our cloud partners here.

Mature cloud service at short time to market

The AWS cloud service provides a secure and scalable cloud solution that enables solution providers to launch a cloud-based IoT solution quickly. With the certification of the Squid.link gateways with AWS IoT Core, Develco Products facilitates the easy integration of AWS on the gateways.

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nabto cloud solutions

Nabto's plugin is implemented on the Squid.link gateways to enable the establishment of a peer-to-peer connection between our wireless platform and IoT devices. Learn more about the technology and how the Squid.link gateways and Nabto solution works.

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Bosch software solutions

Bosch Software Innovations combines Develco Products’ white label IoT products with ProSyst Gateway Software and Remote Manager, enabling solution providers to rapidly develop and deploy new applications, services, and solutions for a smart and connected world.

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Focus on quality

Our customers typically underline the ease of developing on our well-tested, thoroughly documented platform as a main reason for their cooperation with us.

It is not by chance that we differentiate ourselves from our competitors on this competitive advantage. It is because we have learned the hard way that it is absolutely essential to put ourselves in the developer's place when developing and designing products for the IoT.

All development tools and technical documentation are available online 24/7. The wireless protocols integrated into our products are naturally vigorously tested to ensure reliability, compatibility, and security.

Developer's dream

As a developer, you will greatly appreciate the platform's:

  • Great interoperability
  • Flexibility and complex local intelligence
  • Multiple protocol functionality
  • Broad system compatibility (open source, Linux operating system)

Sectors and industries that typically use our wireless platform successfully range from i.a. public home care service providers to commercial building automation providers.

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