Smart security

Do you want to provide your customers with new services? Take your security business to the next level and offer them a reliable and future-proof smart security system.

Smart security

Do you want to provide your customers with new services? Take your security business to the next level and offer them a reliable and future-proof smart security system.

Secure homes and buildings with remote monitoring and control

Thanks to advances in technology new opportunities have opened for a wide range of industries, including the security industry. Wireless technology has enabled remote monitoring and controlling of buildings both in the smart home security sector and for commercial, office, or public buildings.

Through an IoT-based security system, you can enable your customers to monitor and control their buildings anywhere at any time. They can check the status of doors and windows, control access, and get notifications in cases of intruders, fires, or floods. Take your security business to the next level and offer your customers a reliable and future-proof smart security system.

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Customization options for white label IoT devices

Shortcut to a complete system with your brand

Building a smart security system from scratch causes unnecessary time and capital spent on developing the devices as well as the application and the cloud. With our platform, you will have a market-ready and certified product platform, tested and validated in large volumes - and as all the devices are white label products, you can add your brand and make them your own. Take a look at your customization options.

You will be provided with professional technical support from our engineers who are experts in wireless technology. You will also benefit from the high level of quality, capacity, and competencies throughout our development processes and supply chain.

For the application and the cloud, you have the freedom to develop these yourself. Alternatively, we can partner with a trusted software provider who can develop it for you. This way, you will have a complete smart security system with your brand and tailored to your customers’ needs fast and easy.

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Protect private or public buildings with a smart security solution

Smart security systems can be installed in any type of building. Wireless IoT devices open up new opportunities for security systems and greatly simplify remote control, installation, and maintenance. With the white label devices, you can choose from a wide range of sensors and alarms to include in your smart security solution in your own brand. To connect the different sensors and alarms, choose the gateway, a highly secure multiprotocol gateway that gives you high flexibility when building your smart security solution.

Enable your customers to monitor movements in their buildings with the Motion Sensor and the opening and closing of doors and windows with the Entry Sensor to detect and get notified of unwanted intruders. With the Vibration Sensor, your customers will get notified if a window is shattered. Combined with a Smart Siren, notifications can not only be sent to the users’ smartphone, the siren can also emit a loud alarm sound to scare away the intruders. To ensure secure access to buildings and enable remote monitoring of access data, a wireless Intelligent Keypad can be installed.

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Home with wireless system for increased comfort and safety

Smart home security – protect your customer’s homes

A growing business within the security industry is smart home security solutions. With wireless technology, it is possible to accommodate the needs of modern life by combining alarm services with smart home features. An alarm system is an ideal foundation for building an all-in-one smart home security system, protecting the home against intruders or warn about fires and floods.

In addition to Motion Sensor, Entry Sensor, Intelligent Keypad, and Smart Siren, other smart home products can be integrated into a smart home security solution to maximize protection. With the help of the Smart Plug Mini 2 and Smart Cable, home devices can remotely be turned on and off to simulate occupancy when the user is not at home and prevent intruders from breaking in.

Smart security solutions can not only be used to detect intruders. For a full smart home security solution, an Intelligent Smoke Alarm and an Intelligent Heat Alarm will provide instant warning in case of fire, and a Water Leak Detector can be installed to warn about floods immediately.

Take a look at our range of security products.

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Your security system

Secure and reliable

Having a reliable and secure system is paramount. The data transferred within the system need to be protected from intruders. Tampering with the devices and false alarms also need to be prevented. The high level of security of our products will keep your customers’ data safe. The tamper switch included in several products makes sure that they are not removed without warning, and the maturity of our platform is your guarantee for getting a reliable system.


No two wireless solutions are the same, and it is crucial to find the right match for your business. Due to the configuration possibilities offered by our products, you will have a cost-effective solution tailored to you and your customers’ needs. Since we offer white label products, you have the opportunity to customize the design and packaging of the products in several ways. This way, your brand is easily added to the products.

Easy to install and maintain

A smart home security system needs to be easy for users to set up and maintain. The plug and play functionality of our products make them easy to install. Combined with long battery lives and over-the-air updates, the products require a minimal amount of maintenance, providing your customers with a great experience when using your system.


When building a smart system, it is important to consider how to future-proof it. By using open standards instead of a propriety system, you will increase the interoperability of your system and be prepared for the future. With the multiprotocol gateway as the heart of your system, you get a flexible, open platform, allowing you to integrate products across wireless standards - even 3rd party products - to match the needs of your customers continuously.

Guide: 6 key IoT-enabled services for a future-proof home security solution

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Then get a copy of your guide to 6 key IoT-enabled services for a future-proof home security solution.

You will also learn what you need to keep in mind in order to find the best possible foundation for your IoT-based home security services.

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