Rethinking home security systems

The desire to protect our homes and loved ones is not new. The way we do it has, however, evolved throughout the years. Among the recent impacts is the emergence and development of the Internet of Things (IoT). Explore how the IoT benefits the home security field here.

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Where is the home security industry headed?

Technological advances during the past centuries have led home security to where it is today, moving into a new generation of smart home security.

More and more players that offer smart home security systems are entering the security field. With their internet-connected smart home security systems, they can detect incidents immediately and warn about these, reducing injuries, and minimizing theft and possible fatalities. In this sense, they are proactive and offer real-time alerts.

Why is the IoT important for home security systems?

With IoT technology integrated into home security systems, it becomes possible to accommodate the needs of modern life and to take security businesses to the next level by combining alarm services with smart home features.

An alarm system is an ideal foundation for building a smart home security system that protects the home against intruders and warns about other dangers such as fires and floods.

With smart home security systems, users can control everything via their phones. They can monitor their homes from anywhere. In case movement is detected in their homes, or something is out of the ordinary, they will receive immediate alerts - no matter where they are.

How to future-proof your businesses with IoT home security

With IoT technology becoming an integral part of the home security industry, traditional security companies need to innovate for them not to be overtaken by new technology-led players.

When building an IoT-enabled home security system, these considerations are vital in terms of being future-proof:

  • Interoperability

Today’s consumers want the freedom to choose, and they want plug-and-play systems. For these reasons, it is vital for security companies to provide systems that offer a high level of interoperability, meaning that the users can include devices across wireless communication technologies, such as Zigbee, Bluetooth, WiFi, and so on, and across brands.

  • User-friendliness

In terms of plug-and-play, contemporary users want their systems to be hassle-free. They want to focus their attention on the safety of their home and family – not on technology. For this reason, security companies need to increase the user-friendliness of their system.

A smart home security system needs to be easy for users to set up and maintain. A long battery life of the included devices and the possibility of performing over-the-air updates minimize the maintenance required by the users.

  • Security and reliability

Last but not least, having a reliable and secure system is paramount. The data transferred within the system need to be protected from malicious attacks. Tampering with the devices and false alarms also need to be prevented.

The high level of security will keep your customers’ data safe. It’s also vital to choose a mature and proven product platform that will guarantee the reliability of your system.

How to get started with your own smart home security system

To ease the development of your smart home security system and ensure a quick launch, Develco Products offers a market-ready and certified product platform. The platform includes a multiprotocol gateway and allows you to integrate the security devices you prefer. The mature and reliable platform has been tested and validated in large volumes. With this platform, you will get your own branded solution as it is based on white label products.

For the application and the cloud solution, you can choose to develop these yourself or we can partner with a trusted software provider for your end-to-end solution.

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