Sensors and alarms

Sensors and alarms

Our Zigbee certified sensors and alarms monitor everything from movement to air quality, and are easily integrated into any IoT solution.

White label sensors and alarms

Develco Products offers a range of innovative wireless sensors and alarms for Internet of Things solutions within smart home, smart energy, healthcare, and building management.
Our Zigbee certified sensors and alarms are easily integrated into your system. Check out our selection of wireless IoT products below.  
  • Easy installation
  • Long battery lifetime
  • Secure communication

Product overview

Panic Button

Programmable Zigbee button for triggering smart home events

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Air Quality Sensor

Wireless monitoring of VOC levels, humidity and temperature

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Motion Sensor Mini

A compact solution for detecting occupancy, light & temperature

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Smoke detector - Wireless smoke detectors

Smoke Alarm

Optical smoke and temperature monitoring for optimal fire detection

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Window Sensor

Wireless magnetic sensor detecting exits and entrances of homes and buildings.

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Heat Alarm

Temperature monitoring for optimal fire detection

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Temperature and humidity sensor

Humidity Sensor

Monitoring the temperature and humidity levels

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Flood detection system - Flood alarm

Water Leak Detector

Leakage and temperature monitoring for optimal safety

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White label products for IoT solutions

Product catalogue

The wireless platform from Develco Products is divided into six different product categories.

In the catalogue, you will get an overview of the products ranging from wireless sensors, smart plugs and relays to multiprotocol gateways, Zigbee modules, and meter interfaces.

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Henrik Klode, CEO in ANYgroup

We were searching the market for the right collaboration partner for our company, and we chose Develco Products because we had a really good and professional dialogue with them from the beginning

Henrik Klode, CEO in ANYgroup

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