Smart relays

Smart relays

Remote power control for clusters of devices and wireless stream of consumption data. The smart relays are all designed for DIN mounting.

Combined power meter and wireless control

The smart relays enable your customers to switch equipment on or off remotely.

They grant wireless on/off control of clusters, groups of appliances, or of individual elements.

They also feature a power metering functionality, granting the user access to monitoring the power - giving an increased overview of what unit groups consume most power, and when.

Browse our relays to find out which relays are right for your solution.

  • Control groups of appliances
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Monitor energy consumption

Product overview

For remote control and monitor of energy consumption

Smart Cable

Monitoring energy consumption and control electrical devices

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Smart Relay and wireless smart relay

Smart Relay 30A

Remote control for your heavy-load equipment

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Smart Relay 16A DIN

Remote power control designed for DIN mounting.

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Smart Grid Solutions and smart home solution

Product catalogue

The wireless platform from Develco Products is divided into six different product categories.

In the catalogue, you will get an overview of the products ranging from wireless sensors, smart plugs and relays to multiprotocol gateways, ZigBee modules, and meter interfaces.

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