White label options

Get a new customized IoT solution or expand your existing solution by adding your brand to the deployment-ready white label products.

White label options

Get a new customized IoT solution or expand your existing solution by adding your brand to the deployment-ready white label products.

Customized IoT

You know, as well as we do, that no two IoT solutions are the same. To ensure that your solution meets the requirements of your business and the needs of your customers, you can choose between a wide range of white label products.

With a white label solution, you have the opportunity to customize both the design and packaging of the products in several ways. In this way, your brand is easily added to the products.

Want more information about white labeling? Check out how it works and the benefits of using white label products.

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In order to get started with customizing the white label products for your solution, we provide you with a set of templates. When the design process is finished, you send us print-ready files, and you will get your products and be ready for deployment.

Get an overview of your customization option below or download this catalogue and begin customizing the products right away.

Develco Products white label catalogue
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Squid.link gateway appearance

The Squid.link gateways come with a top label. The label can be customized with your brand color and logo. Additionally, the enclosure color of the gateways is customizable. This means that the appearance of the gateways can be tailored to fit your business seamlessly.

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White label IoT gateways

Sleeves and boxes

The individual packaging of the white label products includes a sleeve and an inner box. The sleeves can be customized with your brand colors, logo, slogans, etc. For an exclusive look and feel, the sleeves are made with matt coating. The inner boxes come in black or white.

Want to create your own packaging

Develco Products' Squid.link Gateway box
Customized packaging for IoT devices
Develco Products' smart plug mini with box

Kit boxes

The kit box provides you with a range of products and multiple possibilities, including customizing the design of the box. Your logo, slogans, and brand colors are easily printed on the box. The box comes with matt coating and magnet closure. Inside the box are foam and a white paper box for the power supply and installation manuals.

Get your own kit box

Customized IoT kit box
IoT kit box Develco Products and Bosch

Installation manuals and labels

With each of the products, an installation manual follows. In order to design your installation manuals, you will be provided with our manuals to use as inspiration for both the text and graphics.

Squid.link Gateway installation manual
Gateway installation manual
Customized gateway label

Gateway label

The Squid.link gateways includes a label. Your logo is easily included on the label.

Customized product label

Product label

On each of the other products, a label is added. You can include your logo on the product label, and you can modify the model number.

Customized box label

Box label

On the packaging of the products, a box label is added. Your logo and address can be included on the label. You can also customize the part number and the model number to ensure that it fits your business.

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White label products

Build your custom IoT solution with white label products. You are offered a broad range of IoT products, enabling you to meet the needs of your customers.

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Develco Products white label products