Edge services

Choose from a range of edge computing services running locally on the Squid.link gateways to optimize security, stability and latency as well as reduce the time to market of your IoT solution.

Edge services

Choose from a range of edge computing services running locally on the Squid.link gateways to optimize security, stability and latency as well as reduce the time to market of your IoT solution.

Get a secure, fast, and cost-effective IoT solution

With the increasing amount of data generated by intelligent devices, global communication infrastructures are challenged by latency and stability issues due to network congestion.

Many services such as access control, logic rules, or alarm management require low latency, high stability and security to function effectively.

Develco Products provides a range of edge computing services that are running locally on the Squid.link gateways to improve stability and security, and reduce latency. These services are ready for you to integrate and speed up the development of your solution.

Choose and pay only for the services you need to get a tailored, but cost-effective home care, security, or energy system.

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What is edge computing and why should you use it?


Security & privacy

Edge computing provides an additional layer of security and privacy for your solution as data on the gateway is much better protected against hackers than in a cloud. At the same time, minimal or no private data is shared with anyone from the outside.

low latency


Local data storage and processing enables access to real-time data and reduces delays in your solution. As a result, operations in your solution run smoothly and automations (e.g. turning on a lamp) are carried out instantly.

high stability


With edge computing, your solution is not dependent on an internet connection. The system can still work during an internet breakdown and the data flow is not interrupted.

Cost savings


The costs for 3rd party cloud providers often depend on how much data is used. Edge computing reduces cloud transfers and saves you costs for data transmissions and cloud storage. If your solution is using mobile internet connections, these costs are lowered as well.

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Edge (gateway) services

The edge services are fully developed software modules for the Squid.link gateways that were developed by experts in edge computing.

They enable you to spend less time on application development and instead focus on your core competencies. As the services are market-ready, the time to market of your solution is reduced remarkably.

Choose only the services you need for your home care, security, or energy solution and add functionalities in a cost-effective way.

Access module

Access module

Manage local access control to homes or buildings.

Alarm module

Alarm module

Home or small business alarm system, managing arming in 3 modes (away, home, and night), using sensor data from alarm capable devices, alarm user validation, event logging, etc. all running locally on the gateway

Logic rule module

Logic rule module

Using any available data point on the gateway or from a connected device and even remote internet resources, logic rules can be defined in a “if-this-then-that” style.

software/firmware upgrade

Software/firmware download and upgrade

Easily download software upgrades for the gateway and IoT devices connected.

Voice over IP module

VoIP module

Make SIP calls from the gateway and connect your solution to Alarm Receiving Centers to validate alarm calls in care and security solutions.

Digital video recording

DVR module

Record data from multiple cameras and store only the relevant clips locally on the gateway. The DVR can store footage surrounding other system events (e.g. an alarm or door opening). Local storage provides a high level of privacy.

Cloud connectivity module

Cloud connectivity modules

Generic MQTT client module, Microsoft Azure IoT hub module, AWS IoT core module.

IoT device connectivity

IoT device connectivity modules

Zigbee, BLE module, Bluetooth, Wireless M-Bus, Care device (869MHz), Thread, Matter

Are you interested in including one (or more) of the edge services in your solution?

Squid platform software

Focus on the development of your application by building it on top of Develco Products’ open wireless platform.

The software architecture of the Squid.link gateways offers numerous configuration options and allows you to integrate various devices and cloud services ensuring that you get a tailored wireless solution.

Discover the possibilities of the squid platform software

Develco Products' software architecture

Platform APIs

The Squid.link gateways offer you multiple ways to develop the application of your solution.

Base your solution on the high-level Squid Smart App API which greatly simplifies the development of your application and allows you to configure the settings instead of programming them.

If you prefer to program the application, the low-level SmartAMM API provides you with the necessary means.

Explore the different platform APIs

Wireless protocols

Wireless communication is the heart of the IoT. Our devices are designed to communicate – with you and each other. The wireless protocols integrated into our products are vigorously tested to ensure reliability, compatibility, and security.

The Squid.link gateway support a range of wireless protocols ideal for care, security, and energy solutions, including Zigbee, Bluetooth, Wireless M-Bus, and more.

Explore the different communication protocols

Wireless communication protocols

Cloud integrations

Cloud services make it possible to develop applications without having to invest in the underlying infrastructure. The Squid.link gateways are integrated with several 3rd party cloud services including Microsoft Azure and AWS.

Integration with cloud services ensures the fastest time to market of your solution and offers you the potential of efficiently scaling the solution from ten to millions of devices.

Learn about our cloud partners here

Peer-to-peer connection

The Nabto technology creates a direct and secure connection between the application and the gateway instead of relaying data via a server.

This peer-to-peer connection reduces latency issues, makes your solution function independently from an internet connection, and increases security.

With Nabto’s software implemented on the Squid.link gateways, solution providers can invest their resources in developing applications, instead of using extensive time on establishing communication with the gateway or maintaining IoT devices.

Find out more about the peer-to-peer connection

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