Energy management

Energy management

Energy management solutions allow your customers to closely monitor and control the energy consumption of their homes. This saves them money, and benefits the environment. For utilities, leveling of peak load constitues an important part of the future smart grid.

Energy management

In its essence, energy management is about closely and accurately monitoring and reporting power usage data, making it available for the user and supplier alike.

Wireless meter interfaces for load control and data collection

Develco Products manufactures wireless communication interfaces for meters, which allows for monitoring and analysis of household consumption of electricity, water, heat, or gas and making the consumption patterns available for both parties.

The long-term goal of energy management is to - through knowledge of these consumption patterns - reduce the cost of energy and save money by moving demand to time periods with smaller grid loads.

This can be done by having household appliances like dish washers, dryers, electric car chargers, etc. run at times where demand is low, and power is more readily available, and therefore cheaper.

Products for demand response

Energy management is becoming increasingly important. Today, most modern households monitor their energy consumption, since energy costs have become a central factor in domestic budgeting.

Energy providers also experience an increased need for efficient energy monitoring and control, since power is to a higher degree being generated from alternative sources, like wind and solar cells.

Integration of renewable energy sources (RES)

The supply of energy from such sources is dependent on weather conditions, which complicates the supply reliability. The result is the implementation of automatic, remote power consumption monitoring, allowing energy suppliers to implement a pricing system where the cost of power follows the available supply.

In doing so, energy suppliers hope to increasingly impact consumer power usage patterns, moving demand to time intervals with previously low demand.


  • Smart Grid
  • Load control
  • Energy awareness
  • Peak shaving
  • Demand response
  • Flexible configuration

Product overview

Smart Home Devices - Smart automation system

Starter Kits

Smart home in a box. The ultimate product platform to get started with your new wireless solution. The same products, but different possibilities of usage.

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Zigbee Gateway cloud based platform


A gateway from Develco Products is a flexible platform for connecting elements in your smart home system with a control unit.

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Motion sensor and motion detectors

Sensors and alarms

Monitoring everything from temperature to movement, the sensors are your way of keeping a smart eye on your house. 

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Smart Plug for Smart Home solution

Smart plugs

With a smart plug you are able to switch the connected equipment on or off remotely as well as measure the power consumption.

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Meter interfaces

Meter interfaces measure the household’s power consumption and reports it to a control unit, a log, or a display.

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Smart relays

The smart relays grant wireless control of groups of appliances, or of individual elements. They also feature power meter functionality.

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Develco Products' customer cases

Selected customer cases

For more than 10 years, Develco Products has helped companies entering the world of internet of things. Read a selection of our customer cases by clicking below. 

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CEO at In Situ Energy, Robert Bühler

The solution we have chosen is flexible, which is a great advantage as it gives us the possibility of scaling our customer base almost limitless in the future.

CEO at In Situ Energy, Robert Bühler

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