White label products for the entire IoT industry
Develco Products develops, produces, and markets customized wireless products for companies supplying end-users with IoT solutions.
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Vibration Sensor
The Vibration Sensors detects and reports vibrations and gives valuable insight for home care and security solutions.
Vibration Sensor

Tomorrow's technology today

At Develco Products, we are experts in wireless communication and have developed products based on a wide range of wireless technologies since 2007.

We take pride in advancing the technology of the Internet of Things and work with leading organizations and institutions in bringing you tomorrow’s wireless technology today.

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Open hardware platform and support for solution providers

Develco Products offers a wide range of IoT products, optimized for cloud connectivity as well as remote management and analytics. We support your project from start to finish.

High-volume, customized products for the entire IoT Industry

We provide customized products to smart home, energy management, home care, and building management industries. Our white label products are delivered in large quantities and tailored to meet your exact specifications.

2,500,000 devices deployed across the world

Develco Products has shipped 2.5M devices to solution providers across the globe. This is our legacy and your guarantee for a field-tested, fully functional IoT experience.

White label IoT products

Devices from Develco Products are designed to be easily set up and integrated by end users. Build custom solutions from our broad range of interoperable products.

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Market position

Develco Products is a B2B company providing market-ready, white label products to IoT solution providers. Our open product platform allows you to integrate cloud services into your solution, and it simplifies your application development process.

Business areas

Business Area Icon Smart Home

Smart home

Let your customers take full control of their home with devices matching for their needs.

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Business Area Icon Smart Energy

Smart Energy

Enable remote monitoring and control of energy usage to reduce consumption.

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Business Area Icon Healthcare

Home care

Improve the safety and comfort of people with special care needs in their everyday life.

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Business Area Icon Building Management

Building management

Make buildings more intelligent through complete remote control and supervision.

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Explore how easy the software architecture of our wireless platform is to work with. Use the numerous configuration options to get a wireless solution tailored to your business and your customers' needs.
Software architecture
Develco Products IoT software
Develco Products' Zigbee-based products are non-intrusive, sophisticated offerings that give solution providers straightforward tools to help consumers live smarter, safer and be more energy efficient,
Mark Walters, VP of Strategic development Zigbee Alliance