Development Kit

Everything you need for smooth application development.

Development Kit

Everything you need for smooth application development.

The ultimate platform to get started with your IoT solution

With the Development Kit, you are one step closer to launching your IoT system. The Development Kit is an out-of-the-box platform making it simple for you to develop your application on the gateway.

The Development Kit provides you with an annual software license with full access to the software development kit (SDK), development tools, comprehensive technical documentation, and support from experts in IoT and wireless communication.

Key benefits:

The Development Kit provides you with:

  • Full access to the SDK
  • Development, debug, and diagnostic tools
  • Comprehensive technical documentation and updates
  • Configurations for C, C++, Python, and Java applications
  • Secure log-on using individual keys
  • Technical support from IoT experts and specialists (by signing a Support Agreement)

Use Squid Smart App

The Squid Smart App is a middleware application for the gateway included in the Development kit. With the Squid Smart App, application development for IoT solutions is greatly simplified.

The Squid Smart App provides a REST API and includes easy-to-read templates with predefined commands for the devices in the kit. This means that you just have to configure settings and actions of the devices included in your IoT solution through the templates instead of programming these.

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Squid Smart App - Middleware application for the Gateway

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