Meter Data Concentrator

A Wireless M-Bus gateway ideal for collecting meter data in medium-sized installations.

Meter Data Concentrator

A Wireless M-Bus gateway ideal for collecting meter data in medium-sized installations.

Large-scale collection of real-time meter data

The Meter Data Concentrator is a battery-powered gateway that can collect meter data from up to 1000 meters, making it ideal for energy management solutions for large building complexes.

With these automatic meter readings, energy monitoring is made highly efficient as data no longer has to be collected manually.

Based on the data offered by the Meter Data Concentrator, building managers are able to receive real-time consumption data from many different units and can take steps to optimize energy consumption, reducing energy costs for businesses and private users.

Long battery lifetime

The Meter Data Concentrator has a battery lifetime of up to 10 years, ensuring a long-lasting and low-maintenance submetering solution.

Key features:

  • Collects data from up to 1000 meters (typically 500 to 700), heat cost allocators, sensors, etc. via Wireless M-Bus
  • Reports to the server via LTE CAT-M1 or GSM
  • 10 years battery life
  • Low maintenance
  • Secure communication
Gateway for meter billing and meter reading in submetering solutions

Meter reading via Wireless M-Bus

The Meter Data Concentrator can receive data from all meters communicating via Wireless M-Bus (T1 or C1 mode), a standard for meter communication in Europe. The data are then sent to the server via an LTE connection.

High level of privacy

The Meter Data Concentrator does not decrypt the data on the gateway. This enables a high level of security and privacy and ensures that sensitive data stays protected.

Easy installation and low maintenance

The Meter Data Concentrator does not require installation by a professional electrician. As it is weatherproof, battery-powered, and relatively small, it can be placed flexibly wherever needed – both inside and outside. The gateway does not require a local internet connection, mains power, or the installation of antennas which further reduces installation time and maintenance.

Customizable solution

Customized versions of the Meter Data Concentrator are available based on a minimum order quantity - a one-time fee for customized development applies.

Possible customizations include a customized backend protocol that makes the Meter Data Concentrator fit seamlessly with your solution (MOQ 5000 pcs) or a mains-powered device that allows for frequent meter reporting (e.g. every 15 minutes or instant alarms) - MOQ 10000 pcs.

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  • Dimensions: 210 x 82 x 50 mm
  • Weight: 440 g
  • Color: White

Power supply

  • Battery: 2 x 3.6 V Lithium Li-SOCI2 (exchangeable)
  • Battery life: 10 years (2 min collection per 24 hours in standard environmental conditions)
  • Battery level and low battery warning can be reported
  • Optional mains power (MOQ applies)

Radio features

  • WMBus sensitivity: -100 dBm
  • WMBus range: up to 2km in line of sight, 100m indoor
  • LTE Cat M1 w. 2G backup


  • Operation temperature -20 to +55°C
  • IP class: IP65
  • Relative humidity 5% - 85%, non condensing

Functions - Meter reading

  • C1 and T1 (868 MHz)
  • Capable of reading up to 1000 meters in 2 minutes

Functions - Interfaces

  • LED (Indication of activity)
  • Magnet (Initial reading/reporting/gateway configuration)
  • FTP-Server (Data/status, OTA upgrade)
  • Custom protocol possible (MOQ & NRE cost applies)


Wireless protocol

  • Wireless M-Bus (DLMS)
  • LTE-CAT-M1 and 2G (proprietary, encrypted, compressed)


  • Conforming to CE, RED, and RoHS directives
Christoffer Kyk, Sales Manager
Christoffer Kyk
Sales Manager

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