What we do

We empower solution providers in home care, security, and energy with our market-ready and flexible white label IoT platform for seamless connectivity and a future-proof solution.

What we do

We empower solution providers in home care, security, and energy with our market-ready and flexible white label IoT platform for seamless connectivity and a future-proof solution.

World-leading white label IoT platform

Develco Products provides a wireless IoT platform that solution providers can use to build their own home care, security, or energy management solution.

Our mature IoT platform makes it easy for you to build your custom application on top of the white label platform, as we provide you with a software toolkit with a range of development tools and software modules.

These microservices reduce the time to market of your application significantly and lets you spend your resources on what you do best.

Easy-to-use software toolkit for seamless software configuration

The heart of the IoT platform is the Squid.link gateway, a highly flexible and modular hub with edge computing capabilities, providing your IoT solution with superior data security and privacy.

You can choose to run your application fully in the cloud or run part of the software locally on the gateway for increased stability and data security.

Benefit from the 100+ man-years we have spent on software development and focus on your core competencies when working with our IoT wireless platform

Flexible IoT product platform for white label and 3rd party device integration

We offer a wide range of Zigbee-based white label sensors and alarms, smart plugs, smart relays, and meter interfaces for your IoT solution.

You can choose to white label these devices or opt for the already branded frient devices.

You can also integrate third-party devices, such as cameras and medical devices, communicating via various wireless protocols.

Develco Products wireless product platform

Your IoT solution with Develco Products

Mature IoT platform

Build a reliable and certified IoT solution based on both our hardware and software services.

fast time to market

Fastest time to market

Get your solution on the market faster without years of product and software development, testing, validation, and certification.

easy to use iot solution

Easy usage

Use high level API for easy configuration of your application. No deep knowledge on communication protocols, product and hardware needed.

platform maintenance

Platform maintenance

The entire IoT platform is maintained by Develco Products by multiple software updates every year.

Interoperable gateway

Great interoperability

Connect 3rd party products to the gateway for your optimal end-to-end solution.

secure data transfer

Secure data communication

Ensure data privacy in your solution with our multi-layered security with high encryption standards.

Easily build a customized IoT solution

The Squid.link gateway is the heart of any wireless IoT solution. It provides an open platform that allows you to integrate a range of communication protocols and hardware features.

The development tools and software modules include two different APIs and various device templates that make it easy for you to build your application on top of the gateway.

The low-level SmartAMM API simplifies the process of programming your application.

With the middleware application Squid Smart App, developers only have to configure settings and actions of the devices through easy-to-read templates instead of programming these.

Find out more about the software architecture of the Squid.link gateway

Learn how we can support you in building your IoT solution

Get all products in your brand

The Squid.link gateway and all sensors and alarms, smart plugs, smart relays, and meter interfaces offered by Develco Products are white label devices. This means that you can customize them to get all products in your solution in your own brand.

Depending on your order volumes, you have the possibility to adapt the packaging and/or the products themselves to match your company’s and your customers’ needs.

Discover your customization options

Integrate pre-branded devices

If you do not want to put your own brand on the devices, you can also choose to offer devices in the frient brand as part of your solution.

The frient brand was developed by Develco Products as an alternative to white labeling. The devices sold under the frient brand are the same high-quality products that are available for white labeling and are capable of being updated over-the-air.

It offers you a high amount of flexibility in terms of volume and logistic setup as you are able to buy as many devices as you need directly from us or our distribution partners.

Learn more about the benefits of selling frient devices.


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Over the years, Develco Products has helped many companies within the areas of home care, security, energy, building management, and insurtech succeed with their IoT-based solutions.

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