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With smart home devices from Develco Products implemented into your smart home solution, you are ready to offer your customers a solution that fits every need.
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Do you want to take your security business to the next level? Combine your alarm services with smart home features.
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Smart home security with Develco Products' IoT devices

Intelligent building automation

Today, we experience a continuously increasing demand for integrating intelligent solutions into private homes. Internet of Things (IoT) devices are becoming a common part of private homes all around the world. Homes employing such devices are commonly referred to as smart homes. In a smart home, all IoT devices are wirelessly connected and controlled by the user’s smartphone, tablet, etc. This all-in-one control functionality offers great comfort and convenience.

Remote smart control

When offering a smart home solution to your customers, you can help make the lives of householders easier, by providing them with complete control of their home environment. Moreover, your customers will be able to enjoy the freedom of remote home control, which enables the user to remotely lock/unlock doors, turn lights on/off, adjust room temperatures and much more.

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White label IoT products for smart homes

White label product platform

At Develco Products, we have been exploring the endless opportunities of IoT and smart homes for years. We can provide your business with a ready-to-use product platform, complete with an off-the-shelf gateway and a wide variety of wireless IoT devices for smart home and home automation solutions. Develco Products offer a high degree of product customization.

Easy and fast time to market

You are able to design your product packaging how you want - complete with your company’s logo and colors. Furthermore, our product platform comes fully certified and approved for sale in both EU and the US, which greatly reduces the time to market and development process of your smart home solution.

A rich array of smart devices

Develco Products’ wireless devices and gateway will help you create the exact smart home solution your customers’ desire. Smart homes can include unlimited connected devices ranging from utility meters that measure electricity, gas, heat, and water consumption to smart plugs, motion sensors, and smoke alarms.

Energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Employing Develco Products IoT devices makes controlling energy consumption easier than ever. By employing devices such as motion sensors and smart plugs, smart homes enable your customers to turn their lights or electronic devices on/off, while away from home - reducing costs and minimizing energy waste.

Home with smart living system including Develco Products' IoT gateway, sensors, alarms, and smart plugs
Family feeling safe with their own smart home security system including occupancy sensor

Smart home security

Home security is closely linked with smart home solutions. Home security solutions allow users to closely monitor each room of their home. Sensors and alarms spread throughout the house detect changes in the condition of the house - from smoke development to the opening and closing of doors and windows. If the smart home system detects undesirable changes, it instantly notifies the user.

With your own smart home security system, you can take your security business to the next level and offer your customers a flexible, reliable, and future-proof solution.

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Smart living room

Smart homes: Why interoperability is essential

Smart home technologies have reached a point where they offer great possibilities for saving energy and increasing home security and comfort. This makes it more important now than ever to break down potential adoption barriers.

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