Easily connect your care or security solution to alarm receiving centers

By connecting your solution to alarm handling services, you can make sure that any emergency alerts raised in your security or home care system are taken care of. There are 2 ways to connect your solution to an Alarm Receiving Center (ARC).

  1. Connection via SCAIP

SCAIP, short for Social Care Alarm Internet Protocol, is an alarm protocol that is used to send alarms generated by IoT solutions to Alarm Receiving Centers. The standard is widely used in Europe.

The Squid.link gateways are SCAIP-compliant white label gateways that enable you to connect your solution easily and directly to SCAIP-compliant Alarm Receiving Centers.

  1. Connection via the iotcomms.io Alarmbridge

If the Alarm Receiving Center you want to connect to your solution is not SCAIP compliant, you can use the Alarmbridge interface from iotcomms.io to bridge your solution with the alarm handling services.

The iotcomms.io Alarmbridge makes it possible to connect the white label devices from Develco Products to analog and digital alarm centers. The Alarmbridge receives alarm events from Develco Products’ platform, converts them to several different output protocols, and delivers them to receiving platforms.

This way, the integration of the Alarmbridge helps you connect your digital solution to analog alarm centers. You can also use the Alarmbridge as an interim step on your way to a fully SCAIP-compliant solution as it helps you to migrate solutions from analog to SCAIP compliant alarm handling services and future-proof your solution.

It is also possible to transmit voice and video calling data via the Alarmbridge.

Move fast to market with a fully functioning solution

With Develco Products’ hardware and the iotcomms.io Alarmbridge, you can quickly get a home care or security solution that connects to alarm centers.

The white label devices are mature, secure, and certified products that enable you to skip a lengthy device development process and move fast to the market with your own solution.

The Squid.link gateways also provide you with a range of development tools that make it easy for you to develop your application on top of the gateways. When using the Squid Smart App, you only have to configure the settings and actions of the devices included in your solution through easy-to-read templates instead of programming these.

Secure connection – tested and proven for SCAIP/CENELEC – EN50134

Any home care or security solution handles sensitive customer data that must be protected. The Alarmbridge is built with the strongest possible security in mind, with a high level of encryption and authentication capabilities to ensure the protection of customer data. The Alarmbridge interface for connecting your solution to alarm centers supports SCAIP/CENELEC - EN50134.

Combined with the secure and certified sensors and gateways from Develco Products, you will get a fully secure solution. The Squid.link gateways are SCAIP-compliant and come with several security features, such as hardware encryption, so that your customers will not have to worry about their data being misused.

Future-proof your solution

iotcomms.io and Develco Products provide a future-proof platform that enables you to adapt your solution to new market developments and stay ahead of your competitors.

The multiprotocol Squid.link gateway supports various communication protocols and thus makes it possible to add devices from different vendors. For instance, the gateway can connect to 3rd party healthcare devices via Bluetooth, or door locks via Zigbee. The gateways also support Bluetooth audio in order to connect 2-way voice communication with the alarm center.

Do you want to get your own solution with Alarmbridge? Contact us for more information.

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