Z-Wave is a simple standard for wireless communication that enables home automation devices to communicate with each other. Find out more about Z-Wave and learn how Develco Products uses this protocol.

Simple wireless control

The Z-Wave protocol is a wireless, radio frequency (RF) based communications technology designed particularly for control, monitoring and status reading of household applications.

Z-Wave supports full mesh networks, enabling numerous Z-Wave devices to communicate with each other simultaneously.  Z-Wave allows for secure and low power consuming communication between approved Z-Wave devices.

Due to its interoperability, Z-Wave encompasses a broad ecosystem of intelligent products that work together between brands and models. With the advanced technology of Z-Wave, there is no interference from Wi-Fi, Zigbee, or other 2.4GHz wireless technologies in a similar band. Today, over 50 million Z-Wave products have already been sold worldwide.

Z-Wave Alliance

Develco Products is a member of the Z-Wave Alliance - a group of more than 375 companies that manufacture wireless home control products and services based on the Z-Wave standard. Develco Products’ Squid.link Gateway is one of these devices.

Key features of Z-Wave

Smart home management


Due to a unique ID assigned to each Z-Wave device in a network, a gateway can never control another gateway's connected devices.

Reduce time to market

Low communication latency

Z-Wave is designed for reliable, low-latency transmission of small amounts of data (100 kbit/s maximum).

Energy management opportunities


Z-Wave requires so little power that devices can operate for up to seven years on a single battery. 

Wireless devices


With Z-Wave, there is no interference from Wi-Fi, Zigbee, or other 2.4GHz wireless technologies.

Wireless communication module


All Z-Wave certified products can work with any past, present, or future Z-Wave product.

Smart Grid solution

Mesh network

Z-Wave devices act as part of a mesh network, where signals intended for one device are received, amplified and repeated by other Z-Wave devices.

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The Squid.link Gateway

The Squid.link Gateway is an extremely flexible solution for connecting networks based on different technologies, including Z-Wave. The gateway is a modular platform for flexible Home Area Networks (HAN). With Squid.link Gateway, you are no longer dependent on one vendor but can combine your Home Area Network exactly the way you prefer.

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