Deep expertise in wireless communication

Deep expertise in wireless communication

Wireless communication is the heart of the IoT. Our devices are designed to communicate – with you and each other. The wireless protocols integrated into our products are vigorously tested to ensure reliability, compatibility, and security.

Wireless communication

Proprietary or open protocols?

Wireless devices speak many different types of languages, often referred to as ’protocols’. The protocol used is determined by the manufacturer of the device. Proprietary protocols are privately owned and are often not available on devices from other vendors. Other standards are open, meaning they are freely available for other manufacturers to integrate into their own products.

Zigbee is an example of an open standard, and the Zigbee Alliance members all develop products communicating over the Zigbee Standard. For the user, this means higher compatibility and more freedom to customize systems to suit individual requirements. Via a Zigbee gateway, Zigbee devices are easily integrated into systems across the IoT industry. 

The Z-Wave protocol is a simple, interoperable, wireless, RF-based communications technology designed particularly for control, monitoring and status reading applications in residential and light commercial environments.

Our Gateway is also available with WLAN, Wireless M-Bus, and Bluetooth Low Energy.

Choosing the right protocol for your purpose

Today, a standard household is often already equipped with multiple wireless communication protocols. The computer might be communicating through a WLAN signal, and the smartphone is running Bluetooth. 

smart home or smart energy system is no different. It is all about equipping buildings with multiple devices, which communicate to a central gateway that forwards the information to a user interface on computers, phones etc. This allows people to manage and control devices wirelessly.

It is important that your IoT-system communicates efficiently and continuously. Therefore, you must choose the wireless protocol that suits exactly your purpose. Learn more about wireless standards in the section our platform or contact us

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Wireless devices from Develco Products

We supply solution providers in the IoT industry with a range of wireless products, to help their users monitor and control homes and buildings. Therefore, our products have to perform the best in terms of reliability, functionality, and security.

Design freedom

We specialize in integrating a wide range of wireless protocols in our different products. This gives you more freedom to design exactly the home automation package you want to offer your customer. Our platform product, the Gateway is not restricted to a single wireless protocol which gives you the ultimate flexibility.

Low-maintenance system

A low-maintenance system is important, in ensuring your customer a hassle-free experience.

We achieve this by designing our products to communicate in low-bandwidth data rates. This makes sure that the wireless network runs optimally at all times.

Our Zigbee products support mesh-networking, meaning each device installed adds another communication path for your home automation system. This eliminates the risk of system signal failure.


Zigbee is a wireless language, and one of the worlds most trusted standards in communication. Zigbee devices can easily be integrated into IoT systems through a Zigbee gateway. Find out more about the Zigbee standard, and learn why it has become the flagship protocol of Develco Products.

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Z-wave offers easy and stable communication between IoT devices


Z-Wave is a simple wireless communication technology which enables home devices to communicate between each other creating Smart Home. Find out more about Z-Wave and learn why Develco Products chose it to be one of the protocols.

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Bluetooth smart home

Bluetooth Low Energy

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is now available in our gateway. It is the perfect wireless protocol for IoT devices that need to last for long. Learn more about the BLE protocol here. 

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Wireless communication between meters and gateways

Wireless M-Bus

The Wireless M-Bus protocol is mainly used for communication between consumption meters and gateway. Read more about Wireless M-Bus here 

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Wireless communication over short distances


The WLAN protocol is applicable for connecting internet enabled devices over short distances. Learn more about WLAN here

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