Security and privacy

Security and privacy

Multi-layered security in all our products guarantees your complete and total privacy of data in your home automation system. / Multi-layered security in your home automation system guarantees your total data privacy / Keep your data streams private. Read about how Develco Products guarantees your home’s wireless network safety

Data privacy in IoT

Securing user data privacy is paramount, if we want to spread the use of IoT. In Smart Home and smart metering solutions, a lot of data is sent – in a lot of different wireless protocols - between your devices and gateways. As developers, it is our highest priority to make sure that those data transmissions are safe and inaccessible to outsiders.

Our way of protecting your data
All of our products are developed to live up to a strict standard of security when communicating with each other.

When a device from Develco Products attempts to join a network, it makes use of installation codes, certificates and pre-defined keys to authenticate the connection. After the device has connected to the network, the gateway transports the information across the different wireless protocols. These protocols are secured in different ways: Zigbee and Wireless M-Bus support AES 128bit encryption, and Wi-Fi supports WPA2-PSK (AES/TKIP) encryption. Furthermore, when two Zigbee devices are connected, they use symmetric link keys when communicating – i.e. a unique key for each established link in the network. This prevents multiple breaches of security.

A different key for every gateway
Each gateway from Develco Products is assigned an individual key set, allowing for remote access using SSH/SCP, with an ECDSA key pair required for login. The gateways communicate with the back-end system using AKEP2 security key negotiation. When the key has been negotiated, data privacy is secured with AES-128bit encryption.

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Smart Home Devices - Smart automation system

Starter Kits

Smart home in a box. The ultimate product platform to get started with your new wireless solution. The same products, but different possibilities of usage.

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Zigbee Gateway IoT platform


A gateway from Develco Products is a flexible platform for connecting elements in your smart home system with a control unit.

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Motion sensor and motion detectors


Monitoring everything from temperature to movement, the sensors are your way of keeping a smart eye on your house. 

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Smart Plug for Smart Home solution

Smart plugs

With a smart plug you are able to switch the connected equipment on or off remotely as well as measure the power consumption.

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NES Meter Interface serves can serve as a hub for an power meter.

Meter interfaces

Meter interfaces measure the household’s power consumption and reports it to a control unit, a log, or a display.

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The Smart Relay 30A is a ZigBee relay for heavy loads.

Smart relays

The smart relays grant wireless control of groups of appliances, or of individual elements. They also feature power meter functionality.

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