Bluetooth Low Energy

Bluetooth Low Energy is now available in our gateway. It is the perfect wireless protocol for IoT devices that run on battery and that need to last for long.


Low energy protocol

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a personal area network developed to meet the increasing demand in the market for Internet of Things products. BLE is a suitable protocol to use with devices that run on batteries and that need to last for a long time.


The low power Bluetooth protocol is recognized for being interoperable across platforms, and it is easy to work with in the development of new devices. BLE is a low-cost standard which allows you to focus on what is important for your business.


BLE 4.2, which can now be integrated into the Gateway, is well suited for use in health care and assisted living solutions where close monitoring and surveillance of persons is needed. A Bluetooth Low Energy product could for example keep an eye on elderly people by measuring their physical well-being. The device sends the collected information to a central gateway that again communicates with a backend program where the data can be handled.

Bluetooth LE is excellent for sending small amounts of data with a high frequency. It uses very little energy in the process, which conveniently means less charging along the way. 


With the increasing demand for IoT devices to carry on us and to install in homes, the question of security becomes extremely important. BLE is a secure protocol that can protect the users’ data and identity.   

Key features of Bluetooth Low Energy

Smart home management


Bluetooth Low Energy is a secure protocol that can protect the users' data and identity. 

Energy management opportunities


Bluetooth Low Energy is a low energy standard perfect for devices that must last long time on a battery. 

Wireless communication module


Bluetooth Low Energy is interoperable across platforms. 

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The Gateway

The Gateway is an extremely flexible solution for connecting networks based on different technologies, including Bluetooth Low Energy. The gateway is a modular platform for flexible Home Area Networks (HAN). With Gateway, you are no longer dependent on one vendor but can combine your Home Area Network exactly the way you prefer.

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