Smart Plug Mini - type G (British)

Bring remote functionality control to home electronics.

Smart Plug Mini - type G (British)

Bring remote functionality control to home electronics.

Monitor and control electrical appliances

Develco Products’ Smart Plug Mini is an intelligent remotely controlled adapter. The Smart Plug Mini monitors the power consumption as well as enables the user to control electrical appliances by switching it on or off remotely.

Smart Plug Mini is available in four types: Type F (Schuko), Type E (French), and Type G* (British).

Key features:

  • Current and temperature protection
  • 100.000 switching – no loss of performance
  • Precision power meter (Class 2)
  • Safe mode (auto on/off)
  • Alarm @ power cut
  • World's smallest smart plug
  • Zigbee certified
Smart plug type G from Develco Products

The smallest smart plug

The Smart Plug Mini allows the user to instantly turn on and off any device from across the world - or from the living room. The undemanding interface ensures an easy and intuitive way of adding the smart plug to your smart system.

The Smart Plug Mini is based on Zigbee and can easily be integrated with other Zigbee products or smart control solutions. The Smart Plug Mini is OTA upgradeable, which increases the longevity of the product.

Reliability and no loss of performance

With its current and temperature protection functionality, the Smart Plug Mini turns off when its maximum load or maximum operating temperature is reached. When the Smart Plug Mini is removed from the power socket, it is capable of warning the user that the connected appliance is turned off.

If the internet or Zigbee connection is cut, the smart plug can ensure that the appliance, which will be temporarily switched off, will automatically switch on again. Through a patented switching algorithm wear out of the relay is eliminated, ensuring same performance even after 100.000 switches with full load.

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  • Dimensions: 48 X 48 X 32 mm
  • Weight: 71.1 g (with packaging: 101 g)
  • Color: White
  • Plug type: British
  • Power supply: 230V +/-10%
  • Power consumption: 0.4 W


  • Sensitivity: -101 dBm @ 1% PER
  • Output power: +8 dBm


  • IP class: IP40
  • Operation temperature 0 to +50°C
  • Relative humidity 5% - 85%, non condensing

Specifications power meter

  • Voltage range: 207 to 253 VAC
  • Accuracy: Typ +/- 1 %
  • Reported resolution: 1W

Specifications remote control

  • Max. switch voltage: 250 VAC
  • Max. load: 16 A
  • Max. continuous load: 13 A
  • Overload and over temperature protection


Wireless protocol

  • Zigbee Home Automation 1.2
  • Zigbee router


  • Conforming to CE, RED, Low Voltage and RoHS directives
  • Zigbee Home Automation 1.2 certified
Mads Høy Mortensen, Sales Director at Develco Products
Mads Høy Mortensen
VP, Head of Global Sales

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