The shortcut to a smart home security system

Unfolding the world of opportunities opened by the IoT offers a huge business potential for security companies. With wireless technology, it is possible to integrate new features into alarm systems, including a wide range of smart home features, and provide the customers with new services. Taking the step to fulfill the potential of today’s technology might seem overwhelming – but it doesn’t have to be.

By using white label IoT products, it is possible to have a smart home security system without spending years and years on product development. The market-ready products allow security companies to take a shortcut to launch a complete smart home security system.

New services to existing alarm systems

The integration of smart home devices into an existing alarm system offers great possibilities of remote monitoring and control of the home. Among these is the ability to monitor the opening and closing of doors and windows through magnetic sensors such as Develco Products’ Window Sensor. Another possibility is to detect unwanted activities via occupancy sensors, including Develco Products’ Motion Sensor Mini. With smart plugs, it is possible to control electrical appliances and to turn on or off the light. By allowing the users to keep a smart eye on their home, they will not only feel secure while at home but also when they are away.

Skip lengthy product development processes

The possibilities offered by wireless devices are endless, but the product development process easily becomes time-consuming and costly. The process does not only entail designing the devices and the actual development, but it also includes the process of testing, validating, and certifying the devices. At Develco Products, we have spent the past decade developing and certifying our wide range of wireless products, saving you the time and capital required for this part of the process. All the products have also been thoroughly tested and validated by end-users, meaning that you do not have to spend time on this part either. Instead, you can focus on your core competencies and have a complete smart home security system in just a few months.

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