Strategies to future-proof your smart home security system

When building a smart home security solution, the focus often is to match the current needs of the target audience and follow the current trends of the IoT industry. However, with the rapid development of the IoT world, which we are currently witnessing, new devices are brought to the market continuously. Some of these are outpacing older models and opening new possibilities. This might make it seem difficult to prevent a system from being easily outdated, but this does not have to be the case with your system as there are strategies that will help future-proof it.

Never compromise on security

Security needs to be a key priority when building a wireless solution – and especially a future-proof one. When placing a smart home security system with your brand on the market, it needs to live up to strict security standards. Lowering security measures means increasing risk. If the users of your system are worried about their personal data being tampered with or stolen, the system is doomed to failure.

Read how you can ensure a high level of security with Develco Products’ IoT devices.

Enhance flexibility to keep up with the IoT development

Another key priority needs to be enhancing the flexibility of your smart home security system. The ability to rapidly adopt new wireless technologies and devices must be a possibility when seeking to build a future-proof solution. With new devices being developed and brought to the market every day, your system needs to allow you to handle the devices relevant to your target audience and their way of communicating. Without this flexibility, your system will age rapidly and fail to deliver long-term ROI.

The multiprotocol Squid.link Gateway allows you to integrate devices across vendors and wireless technologies, providing you with a highly flexible platform for your system. Take a look at your possibilities.

Enable OTA updates

With the rapid development of technology, the possibility to update the firmware of devices remotely is crucial for the survival of smart home security systems. By integrating devices into the system that can receive and install over-the-air (OTA) updates, the longevity of it is extended tremendously.

Develco Products’ devices enable OTA updates. Take a closer look at the wide range of devices and find the right match for your solution.

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