Develco Products celebrates 15 years of Zigbee

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At Develco Products, we are happy to celebrate the 15-year anniversary of the Zigbee Alliance. The Zigbee Alliance maintains and publishes the Zigbee standard. Zigbee is an open global standard for wireless communication between IoT devices.

The Zigbee Alliance was originally formed by a group of 25 tech companies. Today, 15 years later, the alliance counts more than 400 companies, from more than 37 countries. Develco Products has been a member of the Zigbee Alliance since 2003 and is thereby one of its longest-standing members.

More than 2200 certifications

The goal of the Zigbee Alliance has always been the development of global standards for secure, low-power, easy-to-use wireless networks. During the years, the Zigbee Alliance has certified more than 2200 products, including 24 devices from Develco Products.

Interoperable products for the entire IoT industry

Zigbee standards can be found in products spanning the entire IoT industry, from home appliances, sensors, and smart buildings to home care, agriculture, and transportation. Zigbee continues to be one of the world’s most trusted wireless communication protocols, ensuring the interoperability of products from different vendors. While interoperability is highly sought after in IoT products, it has always been a core feature of Develco Products’ devices.

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