The Gateway supports Nabto plugin, allowing users to communicate directly with the gateway. The Nabto technology creates a direct and secure peer-to-peer connection instead of relaying data via a server.


With Nabto’s plugin implemented on the Gateway, solution providers can invest their resources in developing applications, instead of using extensive time on establishing communication with the gateway. The peer-to-peer connection also eases the process of maintaining IoT devices as software updates can be pushed online.

Hassle-free plug and play

As the Nabto technology supports firewall traversal, there is no need to spend time on manual firewall configuration if the end-users need remote access to the gateway. Moreover, fine-grained access control protects a Gateway/Nabto IoT solution from intruders.

The solution

A Gateway and Nabto solution consists of three software components; a cloud service, a software component on the Gateway, and a software component to the smart phone, browser, or server application:

The Nabto solution works on gateways

Smooth installation

With Nabto’s technology implemented on the Gateway, application developers do not have to invest resources in establishing communication with the gateway. Moreover, the plugin eases the installation process of the Gateway, enhancing the plug and play functionality and minimizing the need for customer support.

Fast response time

In situations where the time of response to an action is important, for instance when turning on and off the light or unlocking a door, a direct peer-to-peer connection is essential. With Nabto’s technology, latency is low because it is not relaying over a distant central cloud service. This enhances the user experience as a tap on a button results in an instant reaction. For video streaming, peer-to-peer technology is a necessity due to the high costs of cloud relaying.

Plugin for staying connected

When the gateway is installed and connected to the internet, only an initial connection to the cloud service is necessary for the peer-to-peer connection to be established. The peer-to-peer connection makes it possible for users or administrators of IoT devices to control these online and push software updates. If the Gateway is installed on a site where no internet connection is available, the Nabto technology can still communicate between the client and the device in the same local area network.

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Key features of the plugin

Develco Products' solution are safe and secure


The Nabto plugin is secure against unauthorized access, internet outages and latency issues.

The Gateway ensures a cost effective solution

Cost effective

Nabto's technology reduces development costs and eases the Gateways installation process. 

Fast and easy solution with Develco Products

Fast response time

Nabto's direct peer-to-peer connection ensures that latency is low as it is not relaying over a distant central cloud service.

Develco Products' Gateway with Nabto plugin

Platform brochure

In this brochure, you can find out more about the peer-to-peer connection and how Develco Products' Gateway is supported by Nabtos plugin. 

Download brochure
The Nabto plugin is supported by Develco Products Gateway


Nabto creates IoT infrastructure, based on a peer-to-peer distributed technological approach. It delivers simple, seamless local and remote connectivity to Internet of Things devices. Each device is identified by a unique, vendor-specified ID. End-users, installers, and automatic data-collectors effortlessly create a secure, online, interactive connection to the device meaning the data in the device can be accessed, or commands to the device can be issued.

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The Gateway

The Gateway is an extremely flexible solution for connecting networks based on different technologies, including Bluetooth Low Energy. The gateway is a modular platform for flexible Home Area Networks (HAN). With Gateway, you are no longer dependent on one vendor but can combine your Home Area Network exactly the way you prefer.

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