IoT platform for smart care, pet care, smart fashion, lifestyle, and fitness.

IoT platform for smart living

Develco Products and Geeny provide an IoT framework for businesses within the fields of Smart care, Pet care, and Smart fashion. The joint framework combines Develco Products’ white label IoT hardware with Geeny IoT platform to enable solution providers to build, deploy, and operate consumer IoT applications. You can read more about the framework in our brochure.


Toolbox at hand

Geeny provides a toolbox with plug-and-play elements for fast development and scalable deployment. Documentation and tutorials make it easy to get started on great IoT solutions, while the B2C app store gives access to Geeny end-user base. Combined with Develco Products' ready-to-use hardware, the platform is flexible and easy to build any solution on.

Key features

  • Technology agnostic
  • Real-time data processing
  • Seperation between hardware, software and data
  • Connectivity solutions provided by Telefónica
Smart care and Smart home in one solution

1000 --> 100 days

Building IoT products or services for the first time requires expertise across the entire IoT development stack, and involves a mixture of trial or error. Develco Products' and Geeny's joint framework speeds up the development process by a factor of 10, enabling solution providers to deliver ready-to-market products in 100 days. This reduces development costs and secures a fast return on investment.

Connecting everything

The Geeny marketplace for value added services (VAS), strong partner network, connectivity and business services make it easier to develop an all-round IoT solution, and significantly reduce the costs. Develco Products' gateways are fully integrated with Geenys software, so solution providers can easily implement and deploy the solution.

Geeny open software ecosystem

Software foundation

Designed with the end-user in mind, Geeny supports businesses and innovators in their efforts to build intelligent consumer IoT solutions. The open ecosystem gives access to value added services and IoT components nedded to build an IoT product or service from scratch.

The consumer data helps companies understand how end-users are using IoT products, and which additional services the end-user might need.

With Geeny's strong partner network, companies can find the right provider to partner up with. This way, solution providers can devote their attention to their core competencies.

Platform in a box

The box offered by Develco Products and Geeny enables you to become familiar with the joint platform. With the box, you can get started developing your solution immediately.

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Key features of the framework

Fast and easy solution with Develco Products

Short time to market

The framework speeds up the development process with a factor of 10.

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Open software ecosystem

Get access to value added services and IoT components nedded to build an IoT product or service from scratch.

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Consumers have full overview and control over their data. Data from different devices can be combined.

Moritz Diekmann, Telefónica NEXT MD responsible for Geeny

To enable the full potential for IoT, we need platforms that provide all the right elements linking the IoT touch points to the applications and analytics needed to deliver true value for businesses and end users. Together, Develco Products and Geeny enable companies to build next generation IoT smart home solutions and cater to consumers with growing expectations for problem solving, personalisation, and enhanced service

Moritz Diekmann, Telefónica NEXT MD responsible for Geeny
Geenys platform architecture supports multiple device versions

Platform brochure

In this brochure, you can learn more about Develco Products and Geeny IoT framework for businesses within the fields of smart care, Pet care, and Smart fashion.

Download brochure
Geenys open ecosystem makes it easy to develop your IoT solution


Geeny is founded by Telefónica and part of Telefonica NEXT.

Geeny is an IoT platform connecting developers, makers, and smart users. It disrupts IoT space, giving end-users access and control over data from their connected devices.

Rich data, consumer insights, and cutting edge technology help companies build IoT products and services that answer tangible needs.

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