Safe4 Security Group

Explore how Safe4 got a secure, reliable, and interoperable IoT platform by integrating our market-ready wireless platform with the AWS cloud platform.

Safe4 Security Group

Explore how Safe4 got a secure, reliable, and interoperable IoT platform by integrating our market-ready wireless platform with the AWS cloud platform.

The IoT opens new ways of suiting customer needs and adding business value across industries. For Norwegian Safe4 Security Group A/S, the benefits of using the IoT to safeguard families and businesses is clear. With an IoT platform, Safe4 can provide their B2B customers with innovative and advanced solutions within security, smart homes, and home care. To avoid the struggle of building the entire platform from scratch, Safe4 has chosen to partner up with providers of IoT hardware and software.

Finding the right match

Safe4 wanted to provide the customers with smart living services in addition to their vast security and alarm handling. It was important to bring advanced technology and user experience closer together. For this purpose, the company needed a secure, reliable, and interoperable IoT platform. By combining Develco Products’ wireless platform with the cloud platform from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Safe4 found the right match for their business.

Market-ready wireless platform for high interoperability

A requirement of Safe4 was to provide the customers mainly from the Telecom, Insurance, Energy, Real Estate and Security industry, with the freedom of choice, giving them the possibility of choosing the full range or parts of the Safe IoT eco-system. The company wanted an IoT platform, which would not tie their customers to one brand. With Develco Products’ multiprotocol platform, it became possible to integrate devices across brands through just one gateway. The high level of interoperability enabled Safe4 to meet the needs of the customers around the world with the IoT platform. In addition, Safe4 got a mature, market-ready wireless platform, which had already been tested and validated in large volumes. The high level of IoT security within Develco Products’ wireless platform also matched the business of Safe4.

Develco Products enables Safe4 to deliver advanced IoT solutions

Short time to market with reliable cloud platform

To handle the data within the IoT platform, Safe4 chose to use AWS. In AWS, Safe4 found a mature cloud platform with the capacity to handle the data of their customers securely and reliably. AWS enabled Safe4 to have a secure cloud platform without spending a vast amount of resources on the development. In this sense, the time to market of the Safe4 platform was shortened remarkably.

Scalability of extended services

With the IoT platform, Safe4 can offer extended security services today and in the future. Both the wireless platform and the cloud platform can be scaled according to the requirements of Safe4. This way, Safe4 can continue meeting the customers’ needs and keep up with the technological advancements in the areas of security and smart living.

HomeGate AiO


Homely - «do it yourself» home alarm concept

Homely, a challenger in the Norwegian home alarm market, has chosen the solutions from Safe4.

End users, in an easy manner, can install their home alarm and control their home through the Homely app. Homeowners can subscribe to Alarm Receiving Services from Safe4. The do-it-yourself concept allows Homely to offer an extremely competitive price. The ARC subscription price is independent of how many security devices or smart components the end-user wishes to connect to his security system.

Homely uses the Homegate AiO from onestiPRODUCTS/Safe4 and sensors from Develco Products. Homely is sold through large chain stores in Norway.

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