Gratis Tryghed

Gratis Tryghed

Using home automation technology to improve life quality and safety for the elderly.

Monitoring elderly people in Aarhus city

Improved elder care - for free

Many countries today are faced with a future spike in the elder population. A rising issue is the fact that there is neither enough money nor hands available to provide care for our elders in need.

If used right, home automation systems offer a reliable and cheap way for families to help ensure the health and safety of their older members, without having to resort to transferring a family member to a nursing home. Not only does this increase the sense of security for the family, it also increases the living comfort of the person needing help, by allowing them to continue to live in their own home.

I want to know more about smart home solutions

A complete solution to monitoring health and activity

A customized home automation solution can be set up to monitor daily habits of the older family member. For example, this lets the family sit in their own home while monitoring the daily routine of their elder family member; make sure there is movement in the rooms, that the fridge is being opened, the coffee machine is started, and that the bathroom is being used regularly, etc..

Should something happen, the system can trigger an alarm when a routine is broken. This can be set to alert not only family - but a hospital as well. This makes sure that if any accidents happen to the family member in their home, help will arrive quickly.

The system can be customized in a wide variety of ways, depending on the desires of each family. Installing a home automation system can thus prevent accidents going unnoticed, it can help discover early signs of dementia, and even prevent death.

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