Learn how Comfortability has integrated our gateway and wireless devices into their own smart home system.

Smart home solutions


Comfortability is a Dutch company with years of experience in the smart home industry. They focus on providing smart solutions to their customers, which help them maintain a comfortable and safe environment in their homes. It consists of a central hub to which all smart home devices in the living environment can be connected and controlled.

First and foremost, the invisible interaction of the smart home devices delivers added value to Comfortability’s end users – personal comfort, convenience, and safety – without any extra effort.

Develco Products’ gateway integrated into Comfortability’s solution

Comfortability came to Develco Products wishing to find the perfect gateway and a variety of smart home devices to integrate into their own comfort and safety system. Today, Develco Products provides Comfortability with the Gateway including a range of intelligent sensors for smart homes. Our gateway comes with embedded software and open standards, which has made it extremely easy for Comfortability to integrate it into their own customized solution.

By choosing the Gateway, Comfortability has improved their time to market. Using the development tools that come with the Squid.Link Starter Kit, they have easily been able to build their own software into the platform.

Build your own software on top of our platform

How the solution works

The company provides their customers with their own tailored and user-friendly smartphone app. By using the app, the end-customers have the opportunity of controlling their entire home from one single point. Depending on the individual solution, customers have the opportunity of controlling lights in their entire house, adjusting blinds to the morning sun, get a reminder if a window is not closed when leaving the house, or get a message if there is smoke or water coming into the house, or any other irregularities. Importantly, by using Develco Products’ secure hub, Comfortability can guarantee their customers a complete package of safety and privacy. 

A high degree of customization possibilities

By providing Comfortability with intelligent IoT devices, Develco Products has proven the great quality and potential of our products that radiate a professional look and feel. The Gateway, which Comfortability has chosen as the key device in their solution, decreases the time to market. The open platform offers Comfortability the possibility of tailoring their own smart home solution exactly the way they desire. By having built their own solution on Develco Products’ gateway, Comfortability can now instantly expand their offering with other devices regardless of manufacturer and brand, as other devices are easily integrated with the Gateway.

At Develco Products, we are glad to collaborate with this professional company, and we are especially proud to take part in increasing the potential of Comfortability’s innovative smart home system.

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