Why offer IoT-based home security systems?

The Internet of Things (IoT) does not only make homes more secure, but IoT technology also gives homeowners more access to their homes. Take a look at some of the reasons why security companies should offer their customers IoT-based home security systems.

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What are IoT-based home security systems?

Through internet-connected devices, homeowners can monitor how safe their home is from anywhere in the world. From their phone, they can control the locks, lights, and security cameras at home. In addition to guarding the home, IoT-based home security systems can also help with the early detection of emergencies such as fires and water leakages. All in all, the IoT offers great opportunities within the home security field and makes it possible to create inexpensive and user-friendly security home systems.

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How do IoT-based home security systems work?

Home security systems that integrate IoT technology include 3 major parts: Hardware, software, and communication protocols. When building an IoT-based home security system, it is crucial to make sure that the chosen hardware meets the requirements of the users and that it goes along with proper software and the right communication protocols.

The above-listed components are connected through a gateway. The gateway communicates with the different devices, the user, and the alarm receiving center. The connected devices send out instant alerts in case of any anomaly via the gateway.

What are the benefits of providing IoT-based home security?

By integrating the IoT into your security business, you will be able to cut down on high costs of technical support as well as manned security. Since it is possible to offer plug-and-play solutions, you will also eliminate end-user installation expenses and your customers will get a good and hassle-free user experience.

With the right platform for your system, you will also be able to meet today’s consumers’ demand for freedom of choice. By prioritizing interoperability, you will make it possible to include devices across communication protocols and vendors in your system. This way, your customers will only have to get one system for their home integrating a wide range of smart home security features.

How to get started with an IoT-based home security system

Building an IoT-based home security system from scratch often causes unnecessary time and capital spent on hardware and software development. With Develco Products’ platform, you will have a market-ready and certified product platform for your system. The platform is mature and has already been tested and validated in large volumes, which is your guarantee of a reliable system. With the multiprotocol Squid.link gateway as the heart of your solution, you will offer your customers a high level of interoperability and flexibility. The platform includes white label products, meaning that you can add your brand and make them your own.

By teaming up with Develco Products in the development of your system, you will be provided with professional technical support from our experts in wireless technology. You will benefit from the high level of quality, competencies, and capacity throughout our development processes and supply chain.

For the application and the cloud, you have the opportunity to develop these yourself. Alternatively, we can partner with a trusted software provider who develops it for you. This way, you will have a complete IoT-based home security system in your own brand and tailored to your and your customers’ needs fast and easily.

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