White label products vs. in-house product development

Choosing between buying market-ready products and adding the brand of your company or developing the products from scratch can be a difficult decision. To get you one step further in your decision-making process, you have an overview here of the benefits offered by each strategy.

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What is a white label product?

White label products are developed by one company and sold without any branding to others. The companies buying the products add their brand, e.g. the logo, to the products before they are resold.

To the end-users, the products appear as if they were produced by the reselling company.

Check out examples of white label products here

Why choose white label products?

  • Save time and capital

As you do not have to spend years and years on the development of the products, you will be able to launch the products fast. In this sense, you will shorten the time to market of your new products remarkably and get a fast return on investment.

  • The freedom of choice

With white label products, you often have a wide range to choose from, and you can easily offer your customer more products than your competitors who develop the products themselves.

  • Boost your brand and strengthen the loyalty of your customers

You will be able to disseminate your brand quickly by adding it to market-ready products. Getting your brand out there and making the end-users familiar with it helps you increase their level of loyalty towards your company.

  • Provide customers with mature, high-quality products

White label products allow you to include products in your portfolio that are not part of your core business without compromising the quality. If the products are already on the market and have been validated in large volumes, you will benefit from reliable and mature products.

  • Benefit from industry experts

You have the opportunity to join forces with industry experts when using white label products. Team up with a white label company that brings your business the knowledge and competencies needed to succeed in your industry.

What is in-house product development?

In-house product development means that a company uses its own personnel to develop products. All developers of the product are thus employed by the company, and there is no external help.

Usually, a team within the company is appointed to develop the product. Choosing the right members of the team to serve specific purposes is crucial for the success of the development process.

Why use in-house product development?

  • Hand-pick the employees for the project

If you have all the competencies needed for the development process within your company, you can pick the persons who qualify the best for each task by keeping the entire process in-house.

  • Be involved in every step of the process

When doing the development in-house, you will be part of and own every step of the process. From the initial prototypes, field testing, and validation to certification and mass production, you will be involved in all aspects of the development. You will have full control of each step, but the process easily becomes very time-consuming.

Want to know more about white labeling?

Check out how you can get started with the process of customizing white label products and making them fit your business.

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