White labeling strategy: How to get started

What are the benefits of a white labeling strategy? And how do you proceed with your project when having settled on a white label solution? Take a look at this step-by-step guide.

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What does white label mean?

White labeling is the process of one company producing a product or offering a service without any branding. The company sells the product or service to another company that adds its brand to them before providing them to the end-users.

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3 ways in which a white labeling strategy is beneficial for your business

By choosing a white label strategy instead of a do-it-yourself approach, your company will benefit in the following 3 ways:

  • Quick market entry

Compared to hiring in-house staff for the development of your products, partnering with a white label company means a quick market entry and a fast return on investment. You will skip the costly development process and get right down to business with ready-to-launch products.

  • No internal resources needed outside of your core business

With a white label strategy, you can focus on your core competencies while getting the expertise needed to grow your business, add new revenue streams, and/or keep your market share.

  • Scale up when you want to

The production capacity of a white label company allows you to easily scale up when the market demand is increasing.

How to get started with white label products

  1. Choose the products

When settling on a white label strategy, step one is to find the products that fit your business and accommodate the needs of your customers. By researching and testing the products, you will be able to determine which ones are the best match for your company.

  1. Find a supplier

Finding the right white label supplier is crucial. For this reason, thorough research on potential partners will be greatly beneficial. Check out how to find the right white label partner.

  1. Add your brand to the products

Once you have found the right match in a white label supplier offering the products you are searching for, it is time to customize the products and make them your own.

Looking for a white label company providing IoT hardware?

Develco Products provides companies within the fields of home care, security, insurtech, and energy management with white label IoT hardware.

Our product platform includes a wide range of market-ready and mature devices. As the heart of your solution, our gateways provide you with a high level of flexibility and security. The gateways connect with our Zigbee-based sensors, alarms, smart plugs, and meter interfaces, as well as third-party devices.

With our white label offering, you can easily customize the products and make them fit your company seamlessly. Get to know your options.

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