Building management: The future of corporate IoT

The demand for building management systems is increasing, and with it, the need for wireless easily integrable IoT devices. At Develco Products, we have been experiencing the growth of the building management industry first hand. Our white label devices are perfectly suited for implementation into building management solutions.

Full control of intelligent buildings

A building management system grants your customers absolute control of their building’s space, lighting, security, assets, internal environment, and utility monitoring. While connected to a cloud based building management system, strategically placed IoT devices gather real-time actionable intelligence of a building’s internal environment, utility consumption, and security.

For any building management solution, Develco Products’ Squid.link Gateway is the ideal choice of network controller. The Squid.link Gateway is highly flexible, customizable, and comes equipped with a wide range of communication protocols.

Increased property and occupant safety

Employing IoT devices, such as Develco Products’ Intelligent Smoke Alarm and Motion Sensor in a building management system greatly increases property and occupant security. Moreover, our wireless IoT products helps your customers closely monitor their buildings, and instantly detect suspicious activity, such as break-ins, fire, or other undesirable changes to a building’s condition or utility consumption.

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