Wireless platform

Wireless platform

Accelerate your IoT business with our open wireless platform. The IoT development platform offers flexibility and interoperability, making it as easy as possible for you to build apps on top of it.

Open platform

Our wireless platform is renowned for being fully open, meaning that any app for any business area can be built on top of it. With our platform, your IoT solution can get started fast and easy.


Focus on quality

Our customers typically underline the ease of developing on our well-tested, thoroughly documented platform as a main reason for their cooperation with us.

It is not by chance that we differentiate ourselves from our competitors on this competitive advantage. It is because we have learned the hard way that it is absolutely essential to put ourselves in the developer's place when developing and designing products for the IoT.

All development tools and technical documentation are available online 24/7. The wireless protocols integrated into our products are naturally vigorously tested to ensure reliability, compatibility, and security.

Developer's dream

As a developer, you will greatly appreciate the platform's:

  • Great interoperability
  • Flexibility and complex local intelligence
  • Multiple protocol functionality
  • Broad system compatibility (open source, Linux operating system)

Sectors and industries that typically use our wireless platform successfully range from i.a. public healthcare service providers to commercial building automation providers.

Start building your IoT solution now

  • Flexibility
  • Customization
  • Simplicity
  • Stability

Software Architecture

The software architecture of Develco Products’ Squid.link Gateway offers numerous customization possibilities. Moreover, the architecture makes it as easy as possible for you to build your application on top of our wireless platform. This means that you will be able to launch your IoT solution faster using our wireless platform.

Customization options

The Squid.link Gateway runs Linux, which forms the foundation of the wireless platform. The software architecture of the gateway is highly customizable. The options for customization include:

  • Internet interface
  • Cloud connection
  • Application
  • API
  • Protocols

Cloud integration

Due to its software architecture, the Squid.link Gateway allows integration with 3rd party cloud services. In this way, it is possible to develop applications without having to invest in the underlying infrastructure. Integration with cloud services ensures the fastest time to market of an IoT solution. Moreover, cloud integration offers the potential of efficiently scaling a solution from ten to millions of devices. With pay-as-you-grow scalability, up-front costs are minimized.

Squid Smart App

With the Squid Smart App, application development is greatly simplified. Squid Smart App includes a REST API, providing an interface between applications and the devices. Squid Smart App includes easy-to-read templates with predefined commands for the devices. This means that you will only have to configure settings and actions of the devices through the templates instead of programming these.


The Squid.link Gateway can include the low-level SmartAMM API. The API can be accessed from applications running on the gateway and from a hosted application running remotely. The remote access runs through a separate channel established between the gateway and the server.

Squid Smart App templates

Simplify the development of your app with the middleware application Squid Smart App. The Squid Smart App relies on easy-to-read templates, allowing you to configure the settings and actions of the devices in your solution through the templates instead of programming these. 

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Experience the wireless platform with the Development Kit. The Development Kit is an out-of-the-box package intended for developing your own applications for the Squid.link Gateway.

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