Heat Alarm

Temperature monitoring for optimal fire detection.

Heat Alarm

Temperature monitoring for optimal fire detection.

Temperature monitoring for optimal fire detection

The Heat Alarm ensures that your customers can sleep peacefully, without ever having to worry about fire. The Heat Alarm can be installed where smoke or fumes are part of the atmosphere to prevent false alarms.

A heat-based fire alarm is specifically useful in environments where a traditional optical smoke sensor can cause false detections.

The Heat Alarm is designed for installation in private homes or garages with a smoky, dusty, or humid environment, as for example, a kitchen, living room with wood burning stove, garage area, or washing and drying area.

The thermosensitive detector with wireless communication detects both rapidly increased heat and absolute heat levels. In case of fire, the Heat Alarm will release a high-pitched sound as a warning. Should the Heat Alarm be triggered while nobody is home, the customer will be notified immediately through their home security system.

The Heat Alarm is battery powered and easily mounted to the ceiling.

Key features:

  • Fire sensor
  • IAS Zone
  • Temperature sensor
  • 85 dB siren
  • 5 years+ battery life
  • Zigbee certified
Wireless heat alarm from Develco Products
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  • Dimensions: Ø 65 x 40 mm
  • Color: White

Power supply

  • Battery: 1 x CR123A, exchangeable
  • Battery life: 5 years, reporting every 5 minutes
  • Battery level and low battery warning can be reported


  • Sensitivity: -98 dBm
  • Output power: +8 dBm


  • IP class: IP20
  • Operation temperature 0 to +50°C
  • Relative humidity up to 95% non-condensing

Fire sensor

  • Heat based fire sensing
  • Siren output 85 dB/3m

Temperature sensor

  • Range: 0 to +50°C
  • Resolution: 0.1°C (accuracy Typ ±0.5°C and Max ±2°C)
  • Reporting: configurable


Wireless protocol

  • Zigbee Home Automation
  • Zigbee end-device


  • Conforming to CE, RED and RoHS directives
  • DIN EN 14604 and DIN 14676 certified
  • Zigbee Home Automation 1.2 certified
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