Squid Smart App: The key to building applications without programming

When having to program the application for an IoT solution, the development process easily becomes costly and time-consuming. To enhance the simplicity of building applications on top of the Squid.link Gateway, we now introduce Squid Smart App. With the Squid Smart App, you can configure application behavior instead of programming it. This means that you do not have to worry about how the wireless protocol works.

Configure instead of program

Squid Smart App is an application with a restful API. The application includes easy-to-read templates with predefined commands for the devices connected to the gateway. Squid Smart App allows you to configure settings and actions of the devices through the templates. Additionally, it enables your high-level cloud or mobile application to configure rules and actions to be run by the Squid Smart App when events occur. Consequently, you will avoid the need for programming competencies when developing your application.

The fast and easy path to roll out

With Squid Smart App, you do not have to concern about low-level protocols, such as ZigBee, when building the application for your solution. In this way, the Squid Smart App provides you with a fast and easy path from start-up to field test and roll out, meaning that time to market of your IoT solution is shortened tremendously.

Squid Smart App is included in our Starter Kit. Learn more about the Squid Smart App and our wireless platform here.

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