Squid Smart App now included in the Evaluation Kit

As a new feature, the Evaluation Kit now includes the Squid Smart App, a middleware application that allows developers to interact with devices in a protocol-agnostic way. This enables you to access the information you need at any time, as it is documented on the gateway for your convenience. With this new feature the Evaluation Kit offers you a quick and easy way to get closer to having a complete IoT solution.

With the Squid Smart App, you only need to configure the settings and actions of the devices instead of programming them as the included, easy-to-read, templates provide you with predefined commands for the devices. This means you can focus on developing your solution and scaling it. The Evaluation Kit includes an up-to-date version of a template supporting standard Zigbee functionality for Develco Products devices.

Benefits of the Evaluation Kit

Efficiency and simplicity are highly valuable when developing IoT solutions, as programming a solution is a time and resource consuming process. The kit allows you to start developing your solution with more ease, as you only need to configure the settings and actions of the devices rather than programming them. This box is a quick and easy way of getting closer to developing your applications for smart home, smart energy, home care, and building management. With the Evaluation Kit, you have the ultimate hardware platform for getting a wireless solution started.

Test a wide assortment of devices

Along with the Squid.link Gateway and the Squid Smart App, the Evaluation Kit includes a Motion Sensor, Window Sensor, Smoke Alarm, and Smart Plug Mini. This assortment of devices allows you to configure and evaluate their functionality, learn how to install them, test their performance, configure the gateway to a cloud via MQTT, analyze results, and make a fully operational demonstration of your IoT solution.

Opportunities to upgrade

After having evaluated the products along with the Squid Smart App, you can upgrade your Evaluation Kit to a Development Kit. This upgrade will provide you with annual software license together with access to a demo server, a fully programmable Squid Smart App, development tools, SDK with predefined configurations, as well as engineering support, tools, and software and firmware updates in the Support forum.

Get more information about the Evaluation and Development kits here

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