Provide immediate contact in case of emergency with the wireless Panic Button

Today Develco Products is launching the Panic Button, a fully programmable, Zigbee-based multi-purpose button that can be programmed to fit the requirements of your solution. With this wireless alarm button, your customers can enable their elderly or disabled patients to easily alert caretakers, family, or friends, in case of an emergency.

Home care, Assisted Living and Technology

Traditionally, the healthcare industry has been characterized by manual processes and the close monitoring of patients. However, to effectively adapt to changes in society, the healthcare industry is now appealing to IoT home care solutions and independent living technologies more often; this is due to the need to be more efficient than ever without having to sacrifice quality of care. Said technologies show great promise in helping achieve this goal, as they can provide the speed and accuracy that effective healthcare greatly depends on.

The number of elderly and disabled people requiring assisted living and care is increasing every day. Along with said increase, more and more people requiring assisted living are adapting to new technologies, and healthcare providers understand how IoT devices can make the living conditions of patients safer and more practical. Due to this, it is necessary to think of creative ways in which to incorporate technology into any solutions that provide comfort and safety for our loved ones.

Call for Help in One Press

Being more vulnerable to all kinds of dangers, the elderly and disabled can benefit from having easy ways to call for help in case of an emergency. With the Panic Button, they can simply press a button to alert their caretakers, family, or friends if they need help. The Panic Button can improve the quality of life of the elderly and disabled, as they gain more independence and security. Friends and family also get some peace of mind and reassurance, as their loved one is safe and has a way of alerting them in case of an emergency.

Multiple Ways of Using

The Panic Button can be used in multiple ways, as it is both mountable and wearable. It can be worn on the arm using the optional wrist band, or around the neck as a necklace with the optional neck strap. The button can also be hand-held as a remote control or mounted against a flat surface such as a wall or a nightstand. Additionally, because the Panic Button is water resistant., it is perfectly wearable or mountable in wet environments such as showers or baths.

White Label

The Panic Button is also customizable, as its casing and packaging can be fully customized to be adaptable for your brands colors and logos. This makes the Panic Button very easy to incorporate into your existing home care solutions. Additionally, if you wish to make the button more visible for patients, a red ring can be added to the rims of the button.

The Panic Button is a convenient tool for the elderly, disabled, and sick to contact their caretakers.

Find out more about the Panic Button here

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