Protect homes and buildings and simplify access control with one wireless keypad

A wireless keypad can facilitate access control in various situations. In apartment or office buildings, enabling remote access control simplifies maintenance for building managers. In private homes, the Zigbee-based Keypad functions as a user-interface through which alarm systems and access can be controlled.

The Keypad can be installed inside or outside and used with a pin code and/or a RFID tag making sure that it is fitting for different situations. With its tamper protection, Develco Products’ keypad is ready for the integration into alarm systems. A smart home solution that includes this keypad can, therefore, make access control to houses, apartments or office buildings easier and safer.

Protect private homes

The wireless Keypad’s high focus on security makes it perfect for integrating the wireless Keypad as a user interface into solutions protecting private homes.

With a wireless Keypad and your application, your customers will be able to check the status of their home security systems wherever they are. If travels take them away from their houses or apartments for longer periods of time, they can always reassure themselves that their home is locked and protected. With help of the Keypad can further be used as the basis for additional services such as providing a check-up on your customers’ houses in cases of disturbances to give them a feeling of full security.

Facilitate entrance control and maintenance in apartment buildings

The wireless keypad fits not only into solutions created for private homes but also into smart building solutions for example for apartment buildings. Offer your customers the possibility to install a Keypad at the doors of their apartment buildings to facilitate entrance control and maintenance. With the Keypad, access data can be updated remotely saving time and money for updating devices manually.

A wireless keypad in combination with smart door locks also saves building owners and their tenants costs for replacing locks due to the loss of keys and makes it easier for building owners and managers to open doors for caretakers or cleaning personnel by sending out pin codes instead giving out keys.

When using RFID tags for controlling access and security, be sure to include the possibility to deactivate tags remotely to fully be able to make use of the wireless keypad’s advantages.

Ensure secure access control in office buildings

For non-residential buildings, an IoT solution including a wireless keypad also provides many advantages. As the Keypad functions both as access control and alarm system surface, it is the perfect device to include in a solution protecting office or manufacturing buildings. By using a RFID tag, employees can easily be given access only to specific areas making sure that only authorized personnel are allowed into sensitive areas.

The keypad further has many options to customize it making sure that it will fit perfectly into your solution. Find out more about the technical specifications of the keypad here.

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