European project takes the next step towards increasing energy efficiency

inBETWEEN door window sensor

March 1, 2019

Numerous projects have been initiated with the aim to develop ICT solutions that will increase energy efficiency. Often, a barrier to the solutions is to get past the state of capturing the attention of the users and actually generate energy efficient and sustainable behavior.

To overcome this barrier, Develco Products has teamed up with 7 partners in the European H2020 research project inBETWEEN, aiming to provide an ICT solution that increases energy efficiency through changes in user behavior and lifestyle. The project is currently getting a step closer to the aim as the first phase of the demo site deployment has started.

Helping users adopt energy efficient behavior
The objective of the inBETWEEN project is to deliver a cost-effective ICT solution that brings added value to the users, without causing significant disruptions to their everyday lives. To reach this objective, the inBETWEEN consortium is in the process of developing a cloud-based platform offering advanced energy services. The platform will allow users to integrate connected devices and systems with advanced energy analytics and optimization services, including feedback and recommendations. In this way, the platform will assist the users in identifying energy waste, learning how to conserve energy, and motivating them to act. In other words, the platform will facilitate behavior changes among the users towards more energy and cost-efficient daily routines.

Integration of multiple functionalities in one solution
Based on a thorough characterization of each building at the two demo sites included in the project, one in Austria and one in France, as well as user behavior analyses, a range of Develco Products’ devices have been installed. Due to the multiple functionalities offered by Develco Products’ devices, the inBETWEEN platform integrates different functionalities, including energy consumption measurement and control as well as monitoring of usage patterns and the comfort of the users. By using Develco Products’ multiprotocol Gateway to collect data from the demo sites, the available on-site energy assets have been taken into consideration. With the installation of the devices at each demo site, the project’s baseline activities start, paving the way for the deployment of the overall inBETWEEN platform later in the project.

Besides Develco Products as a technology supplier, the inBETWEEN consortium consists of system integrators, public research, and concept developers as well as social sciences and humanities experts. Additionally, citizen representatives from the demo sites, which include social housing, residential, and public buildings in France and Austria, are part of the project.

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