IoT investments accelerate

February 1, 2019

The IoT enables more and more businesses to optimize their operations and pursue new business models. The increasing business potential of the IoT world is evident in the IoT investments of businesses worldwide, which are currently accelerating. With the fast-growing interest in the IoT, it is more crucial now than ever for businesses to keep up and exploit the potential of the IoT before their competitors.

According to forecasts, investments in the IoT will keep increasing. In fact, the business investment opportunities offered by IoT devices and networks are going to be more compelling this year than ever.

IoT spending to reach $1.2T

Insights reveal that 38% of businesses expect to increase their IoT investments this year. According to forecasts, the global spending on the IoT will continue in the near future and will reach $1.2 trillion in 2022. The forecasts indicate that businesses are increasingly realizing the possibilities of the IoT and will seek to unlock the business potential in 2019 and beyond.

Solutions moving past pilot projects

The IoT market has reached a turning point. IoT solutions have moved from being pilot projects into full-scale, commercial deployments. Statistics show that 84% of businesses expect to complete their IoT implementation within 2020. The current potential of implementing and scaling solutions seems to be a key driver of the increasing investments in IoT hardware, software, etc.

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