European Utility Week 2018: Accelerating progress to a low-carbon future with IoT


October 24, 2018

Do you want to learn more about how you can get at the forefront of the development towards a low-carbon future? Visit the Develco Products stand at European Utility Week and see how our white label IoT products can enable new ways of effective energy optimization. One of the biggest questions on the agenda of European Utility Week 2018 is how we can accelerate progress to a low-carbon future. Reaching the targets set for decarbonization will require both new technology and new thinking. At Develco Products, we want to help our customers push the utility industry to higher standards of sustainability. 

Smart energy management

Join Develco Products at the tradeshow and experience how our smart energy products contribute to decarbonization by helping users reduce their energy consumption. Develco Products’ wireless communication interfaces provide meters with energy management functionalities and enable monitoring and analysis of utility consumption with the goal of reducing consumption of energy. Our smart relays enables users to monitor and control whole groups of appliances, resulting in sharpened awareness of power waste and ways to use less power. Develco Products energy management systems enable users to manage energy consumption efficiently by utilizing the leveling of peak loads. The goal is to employ knowledge of consumption patterns to reduce energy consumption.

Reducing energy consumption in the smart home

At the stand, you can also experience how users can benefit from Develco Products’ smart home devices for energy optimization in their own smart homes. For instance, smart plugs measure power consumption and enable connected electronics to be switched on and off remotely. The smart plugs can also contribute to energy conservation by reducing standby consumption and create on/off schedules for electrical devices. Users can also save energy with the Motion Sensor Mini, which enables users to set lights to turn on and off as the users come and go and thereby only use electricity when it is needed.

Using sustainable energy sources

With the Prosumer Meter, it is easier for the user to employ solar cell energy, as it enables the user to monitor solar cell energy generation and consumption. The user can get a live feed of how much power is produced from the photovoltaic panels and compare it to the total household consumption as well as to grid activity. In addition, the meter enables users to move their consumption to time intervals with high production in their own solar cell system.

Towards a low-carbon future

By re-thinking energy consumption, Develco Products provides the utility industry with devices that can bring us one step closer to a low-carbon future. Join us at European Utility Week 2018 on November 6-8, and learn more about how quickly the transition to a low carbon energy system is happening in Europe and how Develco Products can help your business get at the forefront of the development.

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