Develco Products in TQ expert discussion about wireless connectivity


November 8, 2018

The field of wireless technologies is in a constant state of flux. Wireless technologies open up for new opportunities, convenience and flexibility, but also new challenges in cybersecurity.

Wireless connectivity was the subject of an expert discussion hosted by The Quintessence (TQ) in August, in which Poul Eriksen, CTO at Develco Products, participated. TQ, which is a free knowledge magazine from EBV that provides news and information about future industry topics and technologies, has brought an article about this expert discussion in the latest magazine.

Other than Poul Eriksen, the panel consisted of three participants from the wireless technology industry: Michael Lemke, Senior Technology Expert at Huawei Technologies; John Tillema, CTO and Founder at TWTG; and Oliver Kanzler, Director Segement RF & Microwave at EBV Elektronik.

Some of the topics that the panel discussed include cybersecurity in wireless data transfers as well as the driving forces behind and future of wireless technologies. As these matter are at the core of Develco Products’ business, we are excited participate in discussing and forming the future of IoT solutions with focus on security and scalability.

Read the TQ magazine about wireless connectivity here

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