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May 23, 2018

For more than a decade, Zigbee has been one of the world’s leading communication protocols in the IoT industry, known for its ability to integrate security, network, and energy-efficiency, matching the requirements of the solution providers and users.

Security and energy-efficiency

One of the most crucial things when developing IoT products is taking the right security measures to ensure robustness in the provided IoT solutions. One of these measures is the advanced encryption standard (AES-128), which turns transferred data into unintelligible information, guaranteeing users a secure network.

Zigbee does not only have important security features. It is also a cost- and energy-efficient wireless technology. With a low duty cycle, batteries last up to seven years, making Zigbee-based products ideal for monitoring solutions.

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An interoperable and large-scale solution

Zigbee-based devices are interoperable, despite them being produced by different manufacturers across the world. This allows solution providers to customize their IoT solution as they wish to fit their customers’ exact needs.

An additional key feature is its stable and long-range mesh network. The mesh network ensures an extendable and stable communication by using devices as a signal to strengthen and extend the network, making it fit for smart home and energy management systems.

Furthermore, in a Zigbee network, data is able to hop from node to node until it reaches the gateway. In case of a node failure, data is routed through the healthy nodes in the network, ensuring that it reaches the endpoint.

Intelligent energy management across Great Britain

As an example of how Zigbee continues to develop, Great Britain recently decided to roll out smart meters to every home by 2020, using the Zigbee Alliance Smart Energy 1.4 certification program. By implementing smart metering in every home, Great Britain paves the way for a more energy-efficient future.

The Zigbee Smart Energy (SE) profile allows users a remote day-to-day monitoring of their gas and electricity usage, leading to a better understanding and awareness of their overall energy consumption. 


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