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June 22, 2018

IoT products have the potential to help businesses and the general population reach the next step in the digital transformation of the world. However, in a fast-paced digital advancement, great technical powers comes with great responsibility. With the increasing popularity and higher demand for IoT products and smart home technology across the world, taking the right security measures to help businesses and users gain a secure experience is currently one of the biggest priorities to IoT developers around the world.

At Develco Products, security is paramount in our wireless platform and in our IoT products. It is a top priority to provide secure IoT products to help our customers and their end-users gain a more secure IoT journey.

Security on the agenda

Currently, as the diversity within the IoT rises, more devices become connected and services continue to increase across the globe. While that is the result of the great interest in the fast-paced technological advancement of IoT, it is also what causes a common concern. Questions regarding hardware and software security remain among the most critically discussed areas within the IoT. Consequently, ensuring the safety and reliability of connected devices is more important now than ever. 

However, IoT security is a complex endeavor, which often leaves new companies and end-users with little to no knowledge about how their IoT devices and platform’s security features work or which steps are required to ensure a secure solution. When businesses look at IoT platforms and hardware, they need to consider and understand a wide range of different security parameters such as hardware security, the applied communication protocols, and the data that the products will generate. By compromising on any of the security parameters, trespassers or network attacks can become a great security risk.

Providing customers with more than products

"At Develco Products, educating our customers about all IoT parameters is our top priority. It is crucial to us as it helps with the implementation, and most importantly, enhances product security by great measures,” says Poul Eriksen, Develco Products’ CTO, who is arguing that businesses who plan to enter the IoT industry should consider investing in a complete hardware platform. A key advantage is the continuous guidance and technical updates you will receive from specialized engineers on how to use the platform to its full potential without having to compromise with security:

“By continuous maintenance of our products and guidelines in our Support forum, we help solution providers and their users gain the highest levels of security and authentication for all of their connected devices,” he says and further elaborates:

“As a hardware platform provider, we always work to ensure that our platform and products are secure and compliant with new security methods as they appear on the market. We do this by continuously updating the products with new firmware and by upgrading both current and upcoming products with the latest hardware-based security measures.”

An end-to-end solution

In the development process, one of the most crucial things is to make sure that the products and platforms have the highest possible degree of security. To ensure high-level security standards of the applied communication protocols in our devices is one of the most important tasks and the core responsibility we have as IoT developers.

“We provide our customers with the complete hardware platform and combine them with trusted cloud partners for a secure end-to-end solution. The end-to-end solution greatly reduces the technical hassle and costs, but most importantly, it is essential for secure communication between devices.”

“It extends security from device to the cloud and to the application, each using different communication protocols. This is a strong and effective security measure towards preventing IoT devices from becoming a source of attacks,” Poul Eriksen continues.

In the end, every IoT system and wireless product can become unsafe and open to possible attacks, Poul Eriksen explains. He informs that the importance of every system being used in a correct manner is essential for it to remain secure:

“Our solutions always support the most secure ways in terms of usage. Furthermore, urging our customers to use the wireless products and platform in the correct manner is important to us. By doing so, it helps the products remain secure and reliant for them and their users,” he says.

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