How to protect against water damage in hard-to-reach places


January 29, 2018

The Flood Alarm’s accessory option, the Flood Alarm Probe, allows the user to employ the Flood Alarm in inconvenient locations where the sensor itself might not fit. The Flood Alarm Probe can be placed in tight and hard-to-reach places for optimal protection.

Remote monitoring and water damage protection

The Flood Alarm provides the user with remote monitoring and provides early warning in case of water leakage. The alarm comes equipped with an 85 dB siren, which will sound whenever water is detected. The Flood Alarm communicates via a ZigBee network to the application on the user’s phone or tablet. This allows the user to remotely monitor areas that are vulnerable to potential water damage.

Increase flexibility with wireless leak monitoring

In some cases, the Flood Alarm Probe can even allow for more flexibility in the arrangement of an apartment or building. For instance, the remote monitoring functionality of the Flood Alarm combined with the increased reach of the Flood Alarm Probe can enable your customer's to place the boiler in the attic. This can provide much-needed elbow room in a cramped kitchen or toilet. Furthermore, the Flood Alarm Probe can be placed directly in the drip pan in order to provide the user with immediate notification in the event of a leak.

Together with the Flood Alarm the Flood Alarm Probe adds increased security against water damage to any smart home or building management solution. You can read more about the Flood Alarm and the Flood Alarm Probe, here.

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