Develco Products part of new EU research project


November 17, 2017

Until now, a large number of ICT solutions seeking to increase energy efficiency have been developed. While being capable of capturing the attention of the users, they still often face significant barriers in relation to generating energy efficient and sustainable behavior. Together with 7 partners, Develco Products seeks to overcome these barriers in the new EU research project inBETWEEN.

Increased energy efficiency through behavior changes

The aim of inBETWEEN is to provide an ICT solution focused on increasing energy efficiency through changes in the users’ behavior and lifestyle. The project aims to change the behavior of the users by tailoring advice and providing incentives to each user according to their own constraints. In this way, the users will be able to make behavior changes without compromising their comfort and convenience.

Hardware for energy monitoring and control

To provide the needed information and form user advice, Develco Products’ wireless hardware will be used to retrieve energy consumption data from the users. The hardware includes the Gateway and a range of monitoring devices. Moreover, in order to integrate control and management functionalities into the inBETWEEN solution, Develco Products’ devices will be applied.

Besides technology developers, including Develco Products, the inBETWEEN consortium consists of social sciences and humanities experts. Moreover, citizen representative from the pilot areas, including social housing, residential and public buildings in France and Austria, will be part of the project.

Learn more about inBETWEEN

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