Introducing the Smart Cable


March 13, 2017

From today, it is possible to get full control over home electronics by turning conventional cables into smart cables. The Smart Cable from Develco Products is attached to a power cable, and can be used where a higher load is required (up to 16 Amp) or where space is scarce, so a smart plug cannot be used, e.g. behind larger home appliances or with boilers. The Smart Cable facilitates power consumption data and control of devices in smart homes.

The Smart Cable converts conventional power cables into remotely controlled units, so the user can monitor and turn plugged in electrical devices on/off. The Smart cable is, unlike a smart plug, independent of plug type, making it operable in most countries.       

Smart Cable comes with ZigBee communication and is Home Automation certified. This means that it easily can be integrated with other ZigBee products and incorporated in smart home and energy management solutions.

Learn more about the Smart Cable here 

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