Bosch Software Innovations integrates Develco Products' platform

March 16, 2017

Together, Bosch Software Innovations and Develco Products provide a system for businesses within the fields of smart home, energy management, home security, and assisted living. The joint system enables solution providers to get started on developing their solution rapidly, thus being able to quickly deploy new applications, services, and solution. By using the platform, solution providers reduce development costs and reduce time to market.

Reduce time to market for IoT Solutions with Bosch Software

A simple and scalable system

The joint system removes complexity, meaning that solution providers can start doing business hastily. Support and maintenance is offered by a dedicated team of professionals ensuring that every project is successful. It is easy to connect devices in a company system, so companies can focus on their core competencies.

One of the key benefits of the joint system is its scalability. The system is open and modular; which gives solution providers the possibility to scale their solution whenever it is necessary. Should a company experience a sudden and unexpected growth, the solution can effortlessly be extended.

Read more about Bosch Software Innovations and Develco Products’ joint solution here

More about the joint system?

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