Saving lives with IoT technology


June 27, 2017

Tejre Tobiassen suffered from a cardio arrest in 2014. During rehabilitation, he started wondering how the incident could have been avoided. He then came up with the idea of an intelligent wearable that could predict and prevent life threatening incidents and, thereby, give users and their relative’s peace of mind. A year after his cardio arrest, he founded ContinYou.

The Norwegian company has now developed a wearable that can actually help prevent cardio arrest and other life threatening incidents. It is called Contact, and it continuously monitors the users physiological data, including pulse, skin temperature, oxygen saturation, and movement. This data makes Contact able to predict health hazards, thus, enabling it to help save lives. Contact will be launched in Norway this summer, and other Nordic countries will follow rapidly.

We are delighted to be able to develop this product together with our partners, such as Develco Products, and are very excited to see how the different markets in different countries will respond to this new exciting technology. Contact will be available for purchase both to the private market and the public sector,” states Rune Johansson, chief of sales and marketing at ContinYou. 

Saving power with Bluetooth Low Energy

Develco Products provided ContinYou with the Gateway with Bluetooth Low Energy for communication between Contact and the gateway. The Bluetooth Low Energy protocol uses little energy, which makes it ideal for the continuous measurement of physiological data.
The gateway is an important part of the solution, since it helps Contact conserve energy in several ways. The gateway is installed in the users’ home, where it collects and sends data to the cloud, which requires little power. When being near the gateway, Contact turns off the GPS, thus, reducing the power consumption. This is also an advantage for the users, as it increases Contacts battery-life. Furthermore, firmware upgrades can be sent directly to Contact through the gateway.

A unique device

Contact is a unique invention, because of the integrated SIM-card and home gateway. In case of irregularities in the physiological data, Contact will alert the user and the user’s relatives. If it happens when the user is away from home, Contact uses GSM for data transmission. If the user is at home, the gateway keeps track of the data and will send out an alert through the cloud service. Contact is also equipped with GPS tracking, making it possible to use geo-fencing. This sort of welfare technology can help people with poor health and elderly people, who can benefit from the extra safety that Contact provides.

You can learn more about Contact here

Or read the press release here

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